Day: May 6, 2020

How to Build a Positive Reputation for your New Company

One of the hardest parts about starting a new company is making it past the initial quarter in terms of survival. Most businesses fail in their first quarter for a number of reasons. Be that poor management, insufficient funding or lack of customer base. Another element that people don’t take into account when trying to […]

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Why Confidence Is Key to Success in a Board Room

For those of you who are familiar with the business world, you will know the huge importance of the decisions made based on your work in the boardroom. Making and presenting pitches for business ideas or products can be totally dependent on your confidence. A candidate who lacks confidence can have a serious impact on […]

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Digital Signage: Why it Works and How to Use It

In the current world, technology has solidified its place in our society and changed the way almost every business functions on a day to day basis. This includes the field of marketing and advertising, more so than most other fields. Any company that is not utilising the new digital landscape to get their advertising done […]

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How to Create an Effective and Targeted Marketing Campaign

The importance of a high-quality marketing campaign is unlike any other factor when it comes to effective advertising. Without spending the proper time and investment into ensuring you direct your marketing at the correct audiences and in the correct manner, you could be seriously damaging your business chances. Your marketing campaign could consist of online […]

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