5 Ways To Better Organize Your Busy Work Schedule

The world of Business is a non-stop rollercoaster of meetings, conference calls, away days, and client lunches. And while a lot of it seems appealing, it is a lot of busywork. Mountains of paperwork. Constant phone reminders chiming off. Frantically running from one meeting to the next. Anyone who works in an office environment or in a high-end financial firm will know these struggles all too well.

For some people, organizational skills come as naturally as breathing. For others, it takes a lot of effort to get on top of your work schedule. Especially if you are also trying to balance a full social or family life as well. So we have put together 5 sure-fire ways to better organize your work schedule and stay on track.



This one might seem like a silly inclusion. Breathing? But we aren’t talking about your normal second to second breathing. It has been proven that taking a few moments every now and then to stop and take deep, timed breaths, you will slow down your heartbeat and calm your body and mind.

This will allow you to be better focused on the task at hand and lets you get a grip on your schedule and what is coming next. If you have a busy to-do list, make sure you do breathing exercises as you read it and you will find it all seems much more palatable.


Use A Planner

This one seems obvious, yet so many people don’t do it. Using a planning app can save you so much time. By using the social planner platform, you will be automatically informed of what you need to do and when. Planners like this can also be used to track your social affairs as well, so you will have full control over your schedule. You can fully customize these planners as well. Colour code them. Set keyword reminders. Prioritize certain dates. Whatever system works best for you, a planner will accommodate.


Trim the Fat

A lot of working individuals spend a lot of time on wasted endeavors. A useless printer runs. Calls to dead-end clients. Team building meetings. Sometimes these things can’t be avoided. But, if they are optional you might consider dropping them. Take some time to figure out what on your schedule is mandatory and necessary and get rid of everything else. Streamlining your day will improve your efficiency and organization ten-fold.


Ask For Help

People hate asking for help. But it is never a sign of weakness. Quite the opposite. Asking for help from your co-workers is the simplest way to keep on track. If you all pull together as a team you can set reminders for each other. That way there are fail-safes in case you forget something.

This method is a great way to improve your working relationship with your co-workers as well. They will appreciate you being open and honest with them and is it proven that helping each other out boosts your working ability and social relationships. It’s a Win-Win situation all-round.


Hire an Assistant

This method is really only for those at the higher ends of the cooperate ladder. Eventually, you will find you are bombarded with meetings, emails, and calls. So hiring an assistant to handle all your busy work is a fantastic idea. Delegation is an important part of any cooperate landscape.

Find someone who, not only is good at their job but has a great social personality. An assistant who can read people is ten times more valuable than one with great book smarts.

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