4 Super Actionable Twitter Marketing Hacks To Try Right Now

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Simple hacks for Twitter Marketing

4 Super Actionable Twitter Marketing Hacks To Try Right NowThere is a possibility that you might be doing very well on Twitter and getting a lot of engagements on your posts, but if you have not a massive follower’s list on it, then you still need to improve a lot.

If a person is thinking of improving his or her account, then a significant part of it will include understanding Twitter analytics. Twitter analytics is just like web analytics. The followers need to relate to your tweets, and they should come to your account to increase the engagement.

There are four simple digital brand marketing hacks for Twitter that you could follow to achieve this, while you aren’t going to be on the level of amazon’s marketing department, it will give your own advertising a boost. In the section below, we have listed all of them.

Hack 1: The proper study of analytics

You will have to find proper occasions to increase the number of engagements on your tweet. For example, on the 9th of April, International Conversion Day took place. So, those who are into this business could do a live session on this day and can get a chance to come in front of their audience. No matter which market you are in, you can find such relevant occasions all the time.

One thing that you could do regularly is that you can try the different versions of the same message to see what comes up. There is a possibility that the first tweet that you have done will get no likes and comments. However, the second tweet related to the same topic could become a massive hit. One tweet could carry less than 1% engagement, while the other tweet can get 5% engagement.

All we want to say that if you are using Twitter analytics, you can see beyond the retweets and favorites to engagement rate and impressions. It helps you in knowing that what didn’t work this time and that what you could do to make it work. This would work as a huge time saver for you as you would know what exactly you need to do with your tweets.

Hack 2: Learning from wining posts

You can reschedule your winner, but you can also use Twitter analytics to drive the content strategy somewhere else. If you are into blog writing, it is tough for you to experiment there, as it takes a lot of time to write it.

So, you could not use them for experiments. You should first create an idea and then use it on Twitter. If that idea becomes a winner on Twitter, you can go ahead with the same on your blog post.


Not just that, but you can create different angles of the same idea. There could be many angles, and as a blogger, it is your work to find that. Suppose you wrote about something on a particular website, and it is shared by different people. Now, with the number of shares that the article got, you could know what your audience likes. You can write posts after that, depending on the same.

Some people first write about a particular thing and try to promote it. If you want to do real promotions, you should first read the analytics, know what is best, and then write about those topics only. To know which topic idea is the winner, you could look for a high single or even double-digit engagement rates.

Hack 3: Online areas of impact should be the prime focus

The Twitter analytics can quickly tell you which area of interest your followers are into. There is a particular account where the followers could be just interested in areas like technology, marketing, leadership, and other things like this.

The same account could have 25 % followers that are interested in something else. So, you can visit and should know about every field in which your audience is interested. After that, you can create your posts accordingly.


When you open the Twitter analytics, you will see a laser over there. This laser is fundamental. It tells you whether you are giving your audience what they want or not. Believe us; this works like magic. If you are following this one tip correctly, you can double your following in not more than two to three months.

Hack 4: Maintain the quality

The point that we are going to discuss here is very common, yet the most important one in the entire list. One should never forget that quality is the key to marketing. If you don’t believe in this fact, then you can go and try all those filthy processes to gain fake followers.

We guess that if you are reading this and have come till here, then you must want real people to follow you. So, to engage these real people, you will have to try some good and real techniques, and maintaining the quality comes on the top.

You are using Twitter for your marketing strategy, so try and attract the right kind of people and then try to engage them in the right way. The only thing you want to see is the increase in your impressions without the decrease in engagement rate. You definitely should tweet more, but tweet the right things.

You need to use your analytics to find out which tweet is doing well for your account and which one is not. Find out which tweet is not bringing engagement on your account and if there is a tweet like this, then check whether it is important for your account or not.

If it is not important, then you should stop tweeting posting things like this. If they are ending up in being critical for you, then you should find a way to post better content instead. This could also mean picking the content from reputable, but non-competitive sources.

Now, you might ask, what is the point of sharing the content of other people? Well, this will ultimately help in building up your audience. However, this could only happen if you are sharing relatable content. Be assured that the best tweets will get engagement.

Once you have posted something and someone likes it, they will share it with their network. It will then collect more social endorsements too. We would also suggest promoting it by paying to Twitter, as there is no harm in showing off what is good.

However, the first thing that you need to do is to remove the tweets that are not working fine for you. Try various tweets and then add different angles to it. Add text, image, and videos and see what works best for you. Once you have figured out, what is best for you, don’t waste time on anything else.

Analytics takeaway

Whatever we have discussed earlier is shortened in the section below, just to let you know that Twitter analytics is very simple. You need to figure out what is working for you in the best possible way.

Focus on engagement

Focus on the engagement that you are getting on your tweets, for they are the factors that will make your tweets viral.

Keep trying and testing

Figure out different variations of the same message and then try it. Check how they are working for you.

Keep checking it regularly

There is no set rule for the working of analytics. You will have to understand it with time.

Don’t waste your time

You know which type of tweet is bringing engagement to your channel. So you should only focus on those types of tweets and not any other kind of tweets.

These were all those simple yet important Twitter marketing hacks. These are used by all the big Twitter influencers for flourishing their account. If you want to succeed in this, these are the basic things that you need to follow.

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