7 Tips for Better Utilising Instagram As a Marketing Tool

Account Design

 One of the biggest ways to make sure you are using Instagram as the best marketing tool it can be is to work on how you present yourself and your business through your account design. How your account looks are the equivalent of a first impression, if it looks like you have spent time working on your photography and the design elements of your account then it is likely that you will come across as a professional who is to be taken seriously within the industry.  



Boosting Your Followers

 If your account is lacking in followers then you are limiting the number of people that you can interact with and limiting awareness of your business and brand. Boosting followers is easy and can be done by advertising your account within your other social platforms and business advertising. If you are still struggling with your follower rates then I would recommend that you look into other ways that you can spread the word and find the best Instagram growth service, so that you are able to connect with more potential customers.  


Regular Posting

 Social media is a very easy way to advertise your company and the services you are offering, by sticking to one golden rule you can really benefit from the advertising that can be done on this free-to-use platform. You should make sure that you are posting regularly to keep your followers interested and increase the chances of them going ahead with a  purchase. In comparison to brands that do not keep their social media feeds updated with new content, there is a strong correlation between the rate of social media posts and revenue on your company websites so it is definitely something to consider when using Instagram as a marketing tool. 


Instagram Stories

One of the newer features to become available on Instagram is their stories function, Instagram stories allow you to post short videos for your followers to see and they offer a much more conversational atmosphere between both the business and the customer. If you are looking to entice more people into your stores or to look at what you have for sale on your webpage then using Instagram stories to let your customers know what is new within your business is a really great way to boost the relationship between the company and customer.  


Linking Other Platforms

 As Instagram is such a commonly used advertising platform within the world of business and social media you may want to direct your followers to look at other pages you may have set up to set your company apart from the competition. On your Instagram profile, it would be a good idea to clearly label any links to other pages you have opened so that your customers have access to other feeds of content for their enjoyment. The more people you have following your social media pages then the more people there are that are going to be familiar with your brand. 


Advertise New Releases and Deals

If you begin to notice that your sales rates are dropping you want to start thinking of ways that you can encourage more people to use your business services. If you have built a large Instagram following then you can address these people very easily with a special offer or new release that is advertised online. This not only saves you money on advertising but also encourages a large volume of potential customers who are likely to take advantage of your special offer as they are afraid of losing out on saving money.  


Customer Interaction

 The greatest thing about social media is that it opens up communication and interaction between yourself as the business owner and the customer, by opening up a social media platform you are giving customers the opportunity to speak to you about any concerns or queries they may have. These channels of communication are also a great place to prove you care about customer service, because in the case that there is an issue with one of your products the customer can easily contact you for assistance without having to wait a long time for a response or any necessary compensation.  

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