2016 Video Marketing Trends: Insights & Predictions From 16 Experts

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Expert Comments On Video Marketing Trends 2016

Video marketing trends keep changing every year. Last year, 2015 introduced to us many of the new trends, the impact of which can and will be felt in the coming years.

Last year, in July, YouTube announced that around 400 hours of video are uploaded on the site every minute. Later in November, it was known from Facebook announcements the platform was getting 8 billion or more views every day.

In the last 365 days, around 654.7 million videos have been uploaded by over 65 million people on at least 30 different video platforms. This was reported by Tubular Labs. All these videos together garnered over 2.8 trillion views. All this took place last year. Now that we are in 2016 and moving forward to the future; let’s get to know what’s in store?

To get an idea of what the future of digital marketing via video looks like, we spoke to some of the experts. These experts have exciting insights into the video marketing trends and also made accurate predictions last year. So we wanted to know what they have to say for this year.

Cenk Bulbul, Head of Agency Marketing, Google

Cenk BulbulKeeping in mind the popularity of mobile video, it is going to dominate the video market in 2016.

Mobile phones are a constant part of our lives. We use our phones and need them in different aspects of our lives. These are not just talks, but there are records to support the statement. In recent years YouTube has witnessed a 100% growth in wtach0time on mobile phones. This has made it necessary for brands to understand the critical behavior of the customers.

A new behavior pattern has emerged where decisions are made in real-time based on micro-moments. Creating engaging content has become necessary for all brands. Along with that, they also need to understand the importance of micro-moments.

Since mobile is a small screen device, many believe that the content should be short. But as per records, people love to watch longer content on YouTube from their mobile devices.

What I feel is that consumers are willing to give you the time required to build a brand, if your content is engaging, valuable, and relevant. It’s you who have to make the most of it.

Rob Ciampa, Chief Marketing Officer, Pixability

Rob CiampaIn 2016, Wall Gardens will be in the ruling position, as it will capture a significant portion of the audience’s attention. Every platform will give its best to come with new and innovative ad formats along with attractive features. This will help them to draw the attention of the advertisers so that they can own TV audiences.

Facebook’s Super-Bowl sized daily reach and YouTube’s intent-driven user behavior creates the perfect combination. This paired with dynamic and emerging video ads from other platforms like Instagram threatens the existence of TV ads.

They will be forced to buy 100% viewability. This will also lead the publishers to look for other alternate pricing models. Cross-platform ads are what holds the future of video ads.

The video marketing trends every year brings new challenges and opportunities for brands. But with the right approach and decision making, you can make the most of the situation.

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