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Hello people! I’m here again with more tips on social media. Today I’m going to talk to you about how to have a biography of Instagram Top level.

As you may have already noticed, Instagram is my favourite social network. But it is a social network in which it is not easy to gain audience and interaction.

First for the constant changes in its algorithm, and the secrecy that there is on the part of the network itself about these changes.

And secondly, because there is more and more competition. According to the IAB study on Social Networks, Instagram is the fastest-growing network. There are more and more users and more brands using Instagram.

If we want to build a community around our brand, we must capture and retain the user who reaches our Instagram profile.

And one of the first things we have to do for the user to stay is to have an Instagram biography that shines. That’s why, in this post, I’m going to reveal the tricks and keys to optimize your Instagram bio.

But before, you still don’t follow me on Instagram? I invite you to go to my profile. I’d love to welcome you!

And now yes, take your mobile and accompany me in these eight steps, we are going to leave your Instagram BIO as the jets of gold.

1. What profile picture do I use on Instagram?

I’ll tell you something, my dear friend, the photo matters, and a lot. The first advice I will give you is that you choose the photo you pick must have enough quality to look good. The ideal size is 180 x 180 pixels.

And think that the format in Instagram is round, so it must adapt to this shape, look good and not cut.

Remember that this photo is visible on a mobile phone, and therefore everything will be smaller. If you put 500 details in little details later will not be distinguished. So look for something that looks good, with good lighting and don’t get complicated.

As for the subject of the photo, we have several options:

If you are a brand the most advisable thing is that you put your logo, this way you will be more recognizable. But you can also put the photo of a product of yours that is very iconic for the brand, or that carries the logo of the brand in the product.

If you are a personal brand, you have two options: your logo or your photo.

I opted for my photo, because photos with faces in Instagram work very well, as they empathize with the user. But you can also use your logo if you feel more comfortable or do not like to expose yourself.

In this case, if you’re going to use a photo of yourself, take some professional photos that convey your essence.

No sunglasses, no landscape photos, no pouting. Think that photo will say everything about you until the user gets to your feed and sees the rest of the images.

Top view of pretty young woman making self portrait on mobile phone while resting on grass plot in summer day

2. Take advantage of the name of your Instagram biography

The first thing to keep in mind is that you have a limit of 30 characters. I’m going to give you some keys to make the most of them 100%.

Use a keyword that defines your activity. Instagram works with your search engine. So if you add a keyword to your name in the bio of Instagram, it will be easier for users who search for Instagram profiles on that subject to find you.

For example, I have added the word “marketing” next to my name. Thus, if a user puts this word in the search engine and selects “accounts”, my profile will appear in the results.

Use some emoji to separate your brand name and keyword. It looks great visually and helps to illustrate what you want to convey.

3. @username

Instagram’s username brings many people headlong because on many occasions the username they would like to put is already being used by another user.

The ideal for me is to use the name of your brand.

If you are a personal brand and your first and last name are being used by another user, my advice is to combine it with your activity.

In fact, I don’t know if you’ve noticed that lately many profiles of influencers that were called before as the name of their blog have changed to the name of the real person who manages the blog.

You can also look for a combination that defines your activity or the essence of your brand, and makes you recognizable.

If you would like to change your username, I advise you to periodically search to see if the one you want is already available. Many times users change their username, or the Instagram itself eliminates false users who may have been busy with the one you are looking for.

Young stylish woman taking pictures of herself in the park after food shopping

4. Website or how to put a link in Instagram’s biography

This space is the only one in which Instagram allows us to put a link if we do not have more than 10,000 followers, apart from direct messages.

So you must optimize this space as much as possible. You can put the website of your brand, a link to your latest post or your online store.

But, is it possible to put more than one link in the Instagram bio? Yes, it is. Read on, and I’ll tell you how you can do it.

With this tool what you get is to include in a single link several links at once.

If you use this external tool what you get is that when you click on the Bio link opens a window that will show us several buttons with links to different sites where you want to direct your users: your website, your YouTube channel, your services page, your latest podcast, your online store or registration to your last course or event.

It has a free version and a premium version. The free option works very well and gives you several customization options.


I have already told you that I love this tool. If you program your Instagram post with Metricool, you will be able to add a link in the post image.

Here’s how it works: Metricool’s premium option generates an editable link.

By clicking on the link of our biography, opens a window where all the images of our feed to which we have added this option.

If we click on one of the images, it will take us to the website that we have added in Metricool for that specific image.

This option is very cool for brands that show their products in their post because they can add a link to the product sheet of the website.

5. What should I put in the Instagram Biography?

Instagram gives us 150 characters to tell the world who we are. So you have to get all the juice out of them.

I’m going to give you several keys so that you can transmit your message clearly and visually:

Try to describe briefly what services you offer or what benefit your client can get from you.

Use emoticons

Use emoticons to illustrate what you convey. They look great visually, and you can save words. Space is gold here.

You can use some apps such as Fonts to include fonts that stand out from the rest of the text. Use it to highlight important words.

If you have other Instagram accounts, include them in this space. This way, you’ll be carrying followers between your accounts.

Use hashtags

This way, you can be found by your keywords. Since 2018, Instagram has made hashtags clickable, so if users click or become followers of a hashtag that you have included in your profile, you will appear in their searches.

Add useful information for your audience. You can add your location, your business hours, or the name of your last product.

Use call to action

Finally, add a call to action. I have added “My #marketing and #socialmedia Blog” with a little down arrow emojis, pointing the link to the blog. This way, I’m inviting my followers to go to my blog.

When it comes to text distribution, I like more the distribution using line breaks, as it looks better than when we write all the time.

But how to put line breaks in Instagram? How to separate paragraphs on Instagram? Very easy, use the App Insta-Space.

Write the text with emojis in this App, give it to convert, open Instagram and paste the text in your bio or a post.

I leave you a very visual outline of what it would be like for me to have the Instagram biography well optimized.

Hands holding smartphone with Instagram application on the screen next to a coffee

6. Commercial information

If your profile is a company (which I highly recommend you have), you will have space in the biography of Instagram to put some commercial data.


When you have a company Instagram account, it is mandatory to connect it to a Facebook Fan Page. This will allow you to make paid campaigns from the Facebook ad manager.

Be careful, because if you don’t have a fan page of your brand, Instagram will create one for you automatically, and if you don’t work it you can give a bad brand image.


Instagram gives you a choice of several options for you to add to which category your brand or business belongs.

Contact options

You can add an email, a phone (you can choose whether you want to be contacted in writing or by call) and your address. You can also add a call to action to be contacted, for example.

7. Featured stories on Instagram

The highlighted stories are folders where we permanently store the Stories that we upload to Instagram and that we don’t want to be lost after 24 hours.

They also serve to classify those stories into categories. In this way, we will have our stories sorted and always available to our public.

Use them also to tell a story, such as tips or advice.

The first thing you need to do is to think about how many folders you will need in featured stories. And once you’ve thought of them, put a title on them, so it’s clear that users will find them when they come in.

And the second thing is to design beautiful covers for our featured stories. Use your corporate colours.

I do it with Canva, but you can do it with many applications or use some already made as the app StoryArt has.

Use photos or icons to help convey what each featured story is about.

I’m going to give you a trick to change the cover of your Instagram featured stories without having to upload the story.

When we want to edit the cover of a story that is already highlighted, we press over the circle, and in the menu that opens we select “edit highlighted story”, and edit the cover by choosing from our reel the image we want to use.

Man holding Instagram photos feed on smartphone sitting on a couch

Instagram needs to be fed every day

Finally, I would like to make a dear reflection friend. Instagram is like SEO. It needs its time, and it is not from today to tomorrow. You have to sow every day.

And remember that Instagram is a network in which constancy is vital. Even if it’s just a little time, you have to work on it every day.

Give love, and you will receive love in the network.

I didn’t want to finish without telling you that last week, I did my first live on Instagram to talk about marketing and social media, and I couldn’t be happier.

We were on the air for 40 minutes that flew past me, I felt great, as a family, and we talked about social media in a very close and natural way.

I got out of my comfort zone, and the result was a rush of adrenaline, meeting some new face that passed by and some new follower. So I invite you to propose new remains and make them come true.

Are you going to polish your Instagram biography?

Having a shiny Instagram biography is the first step to success in Instagram. Hopefully, these words that I have written will inspire you to polish your BIO and start your strategy on Instagram with a shiny facade.

Tell me what you are going to do to improve your biography, and if you have any doubt, I will be happy to help you.

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