The Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

The power of the internet has opened many horizons for small businesses to gain more customers and increase their profit. Before the internet, most advertisements were done by flyers or pieces in the local newspaper but that is no longer needed in the twenty-first century, almost all businesses utilize social media platforms like Facebook or […]

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How to Build your SEO Dream Team

Building your search engine optimization dream team is a crucial aspect to making the most out of your business. By increasing your online presence and climbing up the search engine results page more and more traffic will come your way, and in turn more customers are likely to spend money with your company. There are […]

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Sustainable SEO is Strategic, Not Tactical

Digital marketing in the modern space is not just technical search engine optimization (SEO) or tactics. It’s the strategy of understanding who your sales targets are and aligning the marketing needs so editorial and content creation can target those people at the key moments of the consumer decision journey (awareness, consideration, evaluation, and purchase). When […]

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A Year in Emoji Marketing: How 16 Brands Used Emojis

It is perhaps safe to say emojis are having their cultural moment: Not only did the March 30 issue of the New Yorker feature Hillary Clinton emojis on the cover, Apple is reportedly going to release new, more diverse emojis in its iOS 8.3 update, art and technology studio Disk Cactus has a Kickstarter campaign for an emoji keyboard cover and […]

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