The 6 Marketing Skills you Need to Master

Marketing is crucial to the running of any business, without it people would not be aware of your existence or the services and products you offer and it is likely that you would see a huge reduction in the profits you make as you are reliant on walk-in customers alone. If you do not already […]

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How to Market Risque Products With Ease

Let’s be honest, sometimes there is a demand for items in the world that do not necessarily feel as though they will benefit from your usual marketing techniques. If you think about items such as sex toys or related goods, you can’t exactly advertise them on a local billboard as there are certain rules that […]

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How Your Business can Use TikTok to Boost Sales

The success of the new social media platform TikTok is very well known with millions of users all over the world it provides a marketing opportunity for many businesses to help spread the word about the services they are offering as well as raising awareness of your company’s existence. The great thing about TikTok is […]

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User-Generated Content: 9 Advantages 7 Challenges

The idea of co-opting content from consumers for marketing purposes may initially be appealing to brands in part because it’s a cheap way to source content, particularly when it comes to video. In theory, it also increases brand-consumer interaction. Plus, every consumer with a smartphone is a content creator now, which means marketers have a […]

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