Can You Make Any Real Money as a Fisherman?

Fishing is one of the oldest and most venerable professions known to humanity. Archaeologists have found evidence of humans harvesting the oceans dating back thousands of years and entire cultures have thrived through the millennia with fish as a key ingredient to their success. Each year trillions of fish are caught by humans worldwide to supplement the diets of billions of people and have made a good living for millions of families across the globe. Unfortunately, with environmental science becoming a big focus of many modern civilizations, we have discovered that such huge fishing yields have an extreme effect on the ecosystem of our world’s oceans and rivers. Steps are being taken to heal and maintain our bodies of water but keeping these wild environments healthy while still feeding the world is a lot more difficult than knowing how to lower the ph of your aquarium at home. With the world how it is, can it still be possible to earn a living doing what people have done since the dawn of time?



One of the most common methods governments implement to protect the water around their borders is to set limits for how many fish any individual or company can catch each season. The total allowable catch is strictly regulated in many countries and can seriously help keep the fishing industry under control. As well as catching limits, subsidies are becoming rarer for fishermen and there are more and more areas of water being designated as fishing-free zones to protect declining fish populations. As a result, there is now an increasingly limited amount of work out there for any prospective fisherman but more people than ever wanting to fish and more people to feed. All of these aspects culminate in a minefield for even a local fisherman just trying to get by.


Skilled work

Luckily, even though the future may seem bleak for fishermen, it is inherently an extremely skilled and dangerous profession. This naturally helps limit the number of people who are willing and able to take up the job as it takes many years of training to be adept at all aspects of the job. From inventory management to sailing to the actual catching of fish, it is an arduous and difficult process that many people are not built for. This has kept the average US salary of commercial fishermen relatively high, standing at around $53,000 today. This is a respectable wage that reflects the skill required and the worth of the product to fishing companies, an industry that grossed $144billion dollars in the US in 2016.


Being a fisherman is a difficult way of life and is being affected by human and natural crises each year, but as demand goes up globally for healthier meals and the global population continues to boom, there is as much money to be made now as there ever was. But even though there is a decent amount of money to be made in fishing, there are strict limits to the amount of work you can do, giving a hard ceiling to the amount of money you can make. So, you can make some money as a fisherman. But real money? Not unless you’re the Red Chamber Group.

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