How Consumer Awarness has Affected the Marketing Landscape

In the modern world, the consumer has become more powerful than the corporation. With this power, the consumer has become more and more concerned with how their product is manufactured or cultivated. This rise of consumer thoughtfulness has correlated with a new production of exposes of the meat and clothing industries, this growth in the consciousness of the consumer has to be a worry for corporations. So how as a company do you separate your product from the good and the bad in the consumer’s mind?


How you Advertise

Let us say hypothetically you run a poultry company, before the rise of consumer awareness you could simply advertise the quality of your chicken; why your chicken is superior to your competition. In this new age of consumer awareness, it is just as important to advertise the quality of your products life pre-death; as well as the quality of the food itself. Consumers want to know that their food has been ethically sourced, and as a company, you will really want to push this ethical stance. People do not really care if the chicken they are consuming has been slaughtered; they just want to know if this slaughter was ethical in order to clear their potentially guilty consciousness.  Let us take the Innocent smoothies company; from the very beginning there IP was how their product was ethically sourced, carbon-neutral and their smoothies were all-natural. When people think of the Innocent company they think purity.


Advertising is all about promotion, any company can say that they have ethically sourced their foods or their clothes, but what is most important is that you get the reviewers on your side. As I previously mentioned taste is now just a bi-product of ethics, if you can find a trusted reviewer to write a blog or a review that champions the ethical nature of your branch, then the consumer will flock to your company. For a consumer, a critics word is like the holy scripture. You will need to win the trust of a consumer, so you will need to get the reviewers on the side. Personally, as a consumer myself, I would highly recommend visiting verellenhc: which offers an unbiased and honest set of reviews from everything to tools for your dad and gifts for your mom, even mentioning the precious ethics of the product.



Perhaps the biggest change consumer awareness has brought to advertising is honesty. I am sure we have all seen the famous advertisements of how cigarettes are good for you, or how back in the 70s when McDonald’s had finally released a new and healthy burger. These were obviously all lies, and this sort of advertisement will not pass anymore, as it will come under false advertising laws. The FTC act can fine a company just under 50 000 dollars if they can prove that a company’s advertising campaign has been producing false information.

Customers Right to a Voice

This one is slightly different from the critic’s opinion; as it is the consumer. If a consumer is dissatisfied with a product that they have purchased, then they have the legal right to file a suit against your company. In fact, it is by law that all complaints must be heard and answered in good time. So, if you do not want the hassle of a lawsuit then make sure your product is satisfactory.


 Right to a Refund

The right to a refund has completely changed how a company can market their product. It might be basic but why do you not lie when selling your product? Because you will get refunded. Here is a statistic that might surprise you, 30% of all products bought online are refunded as they have been bought under false pretences. So, build trust, build communication and build profits.

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