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Today I bring you an article about Instagram for companies.

I want to give you all the keys so that you can create an Instagram profile for companies and make the most of all the benefits that Instagram companies offer us.

Get ready, because after reading this article, you will take your company profile to another level in Instagram!

What is Instagram Companies or an Instagram Company Profile?

Instagram for companies are the tools that make it easier for us to apply if we have a company profile.

With this type of profile, we will be able to develop our activity in a professional way measuring the results of our publications. We do not go blind, unlike what happens in a personal profile where you can NOT measure your results.

The main differences between a company profile in Instagram and a personal profile are that in the company:

  • We can measure the results of our actions.
  • Have contact buttons in our profile.
  • Carry out advertising campaigns.
  • We can include a professional category in our BIO.
  • Differences between Instagram profile and company profile

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Why should I have an Instagram profile for companies?

As you know, Instagram is THE social network of the moment. There are currently 25 million company profiles, according to Instagram.

Every day more users and brands are using this network. According to the IAB it is the network that is growing the most.

We are more than 1,000 million users with an Instagram profile, and this number is only growing.

It is clear that if you are a brand, it is more than likely that your target audience is on Instagram. You will also have to have a presence on this network. But you can’t be present in any way: you must have an Instagram company profile.

Having a company profile on Instagram will allow you as we have seen to measure the scope of your marketing strategy. Thus be able to correct what does not work immediately or enhance what you see that if it works when you analyze.

Thus, you will create a community with your target audience since you will be able to interact with them and know the level of engagement you have with that community. It is one of the objectives of having a company profile on Instagram.

What are you waiting for to change your personal profile to a company profile?

Advantages and benefits of having a company profile on Instagram

As I have been anticipating, having an Instagram profile for companies has excellent advantages that you have already seen, but I want to talk to you about 4 in particular.

The great advantage: Instagram Statistics

As I have told you before, the great advantage of Instagram companies can measure the actions we carry out.

Instagram is going to show us a lot of data about the content we publish. The activity carried out by our community with that content and also very useful information about our public.

I’ll explain them to you in more detail what data the Instagram statistics show us:


In the content block of the Instagram statistics, we will be able to see the publications we have made during the week. It also tells us if we have published more or less than the previous week. And also the number of views of each publication (either in the feed or in Stories).


We see the number of interactions our audience has made in our profile for a week. It will tell us the visits to the profile we have received and the number of clicks they have made to the website we have placed in our BIO. It also tells us the scope and total impressions of our publications in the last week.


Thanks to Instagram’s statistics, we will be able to know a lot of data about our audience. We will know from which countries or cities our followers are, their age group and their sex. And most importantly, the times they are connected to, so we know when are our best times to publish.

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Advertising on Instagram

Another great advantage of having an Instagram profile for companies is being able to carry out advertising campaigns with Facebook and Instagram Ads.

If you are a company, I recommend that you invest in Instagram advertising, as you can achieve great results.

Advertising on Instagram is not expensive and allows you to reach your target audience. This because you can segment very well and choose which audience you want to reach. To win, you have to invest and to grow, too.

According to the latest IAB study on Advertising Investment in Digital Media, these are the second choice over radio or newspapers.

This last year has had an increase of 13.5% over the previous year, is the fastest-growing by far compared to advertising in traditional media.

The good thing about advertising in digital media is that we can know the result we are getting in the campaign in real-time. Thus we can correct our strategy and analyze all the data at the moment, and this is very important.

Instagram also offers different advertising formats. We can advertise in stories, photo ads, video ads, sequence ads, and collection ads.

According to Instagram data, 200 million users visit at least one company profile on Instagram every day.

With this data, it is clear that Instagram can be a perfect channel to advertise and reach your audience in a very effective way.

Instagram Shopping

If you sell products or services, now you can label that product in a publication. When the user clicks on the label of the product will be able to see the price and details of it. It allows you to boost your online sales.

To be able to use it, you have to have the products on a website where the customer can go when he clicks on the label. It allows you to redirect the traffic to your site.

But there is a lot of news about selling from Instagram for the coming months. One of the great novelties will be that you can buy directly from the application of Instagram, turning the network into a marketplace.

So this is going to be a great advantage for brands, but for this, it will, of course, be necessary to have an Instagram profile of companies.

Greater engagement with your community

Instagram is the social network in which it is easier to have a high percentage of engagement or interaction in an organic way. So as a brand, I recommend that you interact with your community and add value and your engagement will grow.

Currently, company profiles are very captivated in terms of organic reach in other social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn, but in Instagram, this does not happen.

The brands on Instagram have 58% more participation of their followers than in other social networks. So it is more than advisable to have a company profile to reach your audience organically.

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How to create an Instagram profile for companies step by step

Now that you know the advantages of having a company profile, I will show you how to create an Instagram profile for companies step by step. It’s straightforward!

  1. First, we must have created a personal profile on Instagram.
  2. Go to your profile settings.
  3. Now log in to your account
  4. Down in blue will appear “Switch to Business Account,” click there.
  5. We select the Facebook page we want to link to our profile.
  6. Add your contact details.
  7. Click “Done,” and you’ll have your company profile created.

How to use Instagram for businesses

When using your Instagram for companies profile, I would like you to take into account several tips that I leave below:

  • Optimize your biography to the maximum. Here you can see how to Optimize your company bio on Instagram.
  • Analyze and observe your competition.
  • Set goals to achieve.
  • Trace your marketing strategy on Instagram.
  • Interact with your audience.
  • Publish content with aesthetic and content quality.
  • Use hashtags strategically to increase your visibility.
  • Publish in your best hours, so that you reach more followers.
  • Analyze your actions and correct thanks to Instagram’s statistics.
  • Use the different formats that Instagram offers us.
  • Invest Instagram Ads campaigns to win and grow.
  • Spend time every day on Instagram.

How to link my Instagram profile to Facebook

When you have a company profile, it is mandatory to have a Facebook or Fan Page. I will tell you how to link your Instagram company profile with your Facebook Fan Page, but first, I want to warn you:

It is crucial that before creating your company profile on Instagram, you have the Facebook company page created. Because if you do not have it, Instagram will create one for you with the same name that you use on Instagram.

And if you don’t work it and optimize it in terms of information, photos, etc., you will be giving a terrible brand image.

Therefore my recommendation is first to have the Facebook company page and then create the Instagram company profile to be able to link both correctly.

In addition to this, when you create the Instagram company profile, it will default to the category we have on our Facebook page.

I’ll show you how to link it step by step:

  1. Go to your profile and click on “edit profile.”
  2. In the section “commercial information” click on “Page” and put the name of your Facebook page.
  3. Select your fan page and click on “ready.”

From the settings, you can also see which fan page your Instagram profile links to:

  1. Configuration.
  2. Linked accounts.
  3. Click on Facebook.
  4. If it is correctly linked, your page will appear as it appears to me.
  5. If it is not linked, you will have to click on Facebook and identify yourself on Instagram through Facebook.

Having your Instagram profile linked to Facebook allows you to create advertising campaigns through Facebook and Instagram Ads, so it is essential to link out correctly.

Another feature of having both profiles connected is being able to publish on Instagram and Facebook at the same time. Which I discourage, as each social network has its best time to post, and it is recommended to publish different content in each medium.

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Commercial buttons: how to contact Instagram

One of the advantages of Instagram’s commercial profile is the possibility of putting commercial buttons in our profile so that you can contact us.

I’ll explain which buttons you can put in the Contact Options:

  • Email: you can add the email to which you want to be contacted.
  • Phone: you can choose if you want to be contacted by message or with a call.
  • Physical address: if you are a local business is very interesting that you put the address of your business so that the public in your area can find you.
  • Call to action button: you can add a button that connects your Instagram profile with other services on the Internet so that customers can interact directly from your profile.
  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Click on “edit profile.”
  3. In the section “Commercial information”, click on “Contact options”.
  4. There you will be able to fill in your mail, telephone number, and address.
    how to contact Instagram

What are you waiting for?

And now that you’ve seen all the things we can know thanks to Instagram’s profile for companies. Are you going to create one, or are you going to continue turning your efforts blindly into this network?

You decide if you want to go like a headless chicken on Instagram or with a good strategy and measurable goals.

Tell me what you are going to do, and if you have any doubts, I will be happy to help you. See you around very soon!

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