How Gaming Hardware Companies Market Themselves so Effectively

Gaming has become more mainstream over the years, with some of the most popular YouTubers being gameplay channels or game reviewers, such as PewDiePie with 107 million subscribers. With such a large platform to showcase their products, the sales of gaming hardware companies have gone through the roof, and people are scrambling to get the latest in gaming technology and advancements. But this of course means that gaming companies must compete with others to get the most people buying their products. So how do they do this?



Technology has improved at a massive rate, and along with that was graphics. For example, let’s consider the graphics of Tomb Raider. In 1999, the graphics were considered some of the best, but compared to its latest release in 2018, there is a massive difference in image quality. And due to this, everyone expects the newest consoles to be able to run the best and latest graphics, with the latest graphics card for a pc costing £700 on its own, the same price as a decent laptop. And with games such as Detroit: Become Human which have ultra-realistic graphics being released more frequently, there is a dire need for the consoles to be able to keep up with the games that are being released on it. By including this detail in their marketing and their software, people are more likely to consider them, especially if the graphics are likely to last long enough to pay itself off.


Spec Leaks

This may seem like a strange one, but before an upcoming release on the latest console, there always tends to be a leak usually a month or less before the reveal. This leak includes a lot of specification details that were going to be released at a convention where the console will be unveiled and is some of the most sought-after information that gamers are interested in. This tends to pique public interest not only because it tells people what they want to know, but also the idea behind it being leaked. Information that is valuable or highly sought after is the kind that gets leaked, so this means people will want to know what was so special about this that someone released information early. It also gives the public time to compare the console to others on the market and decide whether or not it will be a good investment.


RGB Lighting

This has become insanely popular over the years, including outside of a gaming setup (think of TikTok and the light strips they use). Essentially, this is mood lighting and was introduced into gaming software – mainly PC setups – only a few years ago. However, they have taken the market by storm, with most prebuilt hardware coming with some form of lighting (think keyboards and mice), and monitors have optional additions to add this in too. Ten years ago, most PC set-ups would have been generic, and pretty much the same in each home, so these lights allow the user to personalize the interface they are using, and by doing this, they are likely to keep going back to the same companies that provide this for them.

Of course, some companies are unable to provide this lighting, such as handheld consoles or ones that main tool is a controller. However, to combat this and to bring that personal effect in that consumer’s love, companies started selling multiple color options for their devices and controllers.


Accessories Included

Sometimes when looking for accessories for your gaming set-up, you’ll see an offer from a brand where if you buy one specific product, then you can get another one discounted or for free. Some gaming companies will even do a temporary partnership with another company to provide a deal on multiple pieces of hardware. For example, when looking for a gaming keyboard or a controller, you may find on certain sites that you could get free or discounted headphones with a purchase of a certain item. This can be quite helpful for someone who is just starting out and is unsure of the best brands or which open back headphones are good for gaming so having an option to save money and try out a new brand is something a lot of consumers want. The partnership is not limited to other companies, as recently some companies have partnered up with Fortnite (which has been an extremely popular game across multiple platforms for the past couple of years). For fans of these other companies or games, this partnership will increase the likelihood of them buying this particular item and bring in more customers for the company.

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