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This is an article that I was very excited to write. Instagram is my favourite social network for its visual content and care of people with their brand.

Many times we think that having our social network taken care of as the influencers of Instagram do is very complicated. I am going to show you how it’s not like that. You’re going to learn everything you need to make your profile worth influencing.

In my opinion, taking care of the Instagram feed is a way to strengthen our personal brand and humanize it.

Also, we know that for people to click the follow button, they have to attract what they see visually, and therefore, the Instagram feed must have a sense, a single tone and synchrony between our photos.

If they don’t, they’ll probably end up leaving your account without hitting the continue button, and we don’t want that, do we?

You’re going to learn how you can get users to enter your account, see your photos at a glance, and don’t hesitate to press the follow button.

How to make Tumblr photos for Instagram?

Tumblr application icon on Apple iPhone X smartphone screen close-up

First of all, you will wonder what a Tumblr photo is.

A Tumblr photo is a photo with style defined by the microblogging platform, in which users upload meticulous images, characterized by young and stylish girls with a fun life, who try to show it to their followers at all times.

It is essential to know that, no matter how beautiful the photos are separate, they can lose sense and direction if we put them together, and they do not have a similarity or synchrony.

For that reason, we will have to choose a combination of colours to use in our photographics, either in warm tones, cold or as you like.

As you can see in the images, these beads have chosen a few primary colours and have combined it with shades of grey, white, brown and blue.

In my case, I’m not so influential, and I don’t take such good care of my Instagram account, but I have chosen at all times the palette with which to upload my photos. Before it was in white and grey tones, now more orange (here you have the before and after).

Do you want to know how I edit each picture so that they have a similar appearance and tone? Keep reading, and you’ll find out!

And even with this bright, sometimes I miss a different photo, so it is not easy to have asynchrony.

Instagram serves to captivate your audience visually with meticulous photographs and images.

That’s why I’m in favour of each social network having its use, its languages are different, its visual content, the type of hashtags, etc.

Neither Instagram is Facebook, nor is Twitter, so we must know how to differentiate the types of content we must upload and what the goal.

Yes, Instagram would be what is named “postureo” pure and hard.

Although photography today is the hobby of many people, making good photos for Instagram is not easy, as most of us are not photographers or even have a photography course.

Besides, the images of your Instagram separately may be spectacular, but putting them together in the same feed is a disaster, so we must learn not to let this happen to us.

Even so, I want to emphasize that the most important thing of all is that you are yourself.

But we can always be ourselves with a careful version of the details, right?

That’s why I’m going to give you some initial tips to make good photographs before we start with the Instagram editor, so you know how to have an Instagram Tumblr (yes, I just created a new concept, the Instatumblr).

Why one photo if we can make 20?

Portrait of young smiling girl wearing grey hat with panoramic ocean view

Many people take a picture and say “I don’t upload it because it’s wrong”. Do you think fashion influencers take just one photo and upload it directly?

On the contrary, I bet that every time they have a photo session, they repeat the same shot 100 times, and then choose only one photo.

Watch the light

This element is essential, and something that many people don’t care about, and that is that, no matter how cool photos are for Instagram.

If we don’t get a proper illumination, they probably won’t succeed and we’ll get the opposite effect.

Therefore, I recommend you first of all to use some program to edit photos to move to the next step, the photo editor Instagram.

Test from various angles

That landscape or that hamburger we’re photographing may not look good in front of us, but what if we change our point of view?

When we repeat the photos, we must vary the angle and position. Maybe if we make a straight line, it won’t come out the same as if we made it from the side, and we are losing a photon if we don’t try.

Take care of the composition and symmetry

It’s not just that you get the main element of the picture right, but that you have to see the picture as a whole.

All the elements making up the photo, so take care of the backgrounds and details, and make your photo a set of impressive elements.

Empower your creativity

I know this is not easy for a little creative person, but you can always imitate creatives.

With a little analysis and repetition of the influencers, the filters they use, the way they promote themselves, etc. we can learn to be creative in the social network.

Instagram photo editor

Once we have decided on the photograph for our Instagram profile, and we have corrected the lights, shadows, contrasts and other effects, it is time to use the editor provided by Instagram.

The first thing we must think before this is: What does my photograph need that I have not already done? More light, contrast, saturation …?

When we are clear about it, we go on to edit it with Instagram’s photo editor. Where will we find these main elements (among others) to customize the photos for free and easily:


If the photograph we are going to upload is a little crooked, we can rotate the image and adjust it on Instagram itself, without leaving the app.

Brightness, contrast, warmth and saturation

These settings are essential, and the ones we most often customize in our images. Get an excellent combination to make the photo look as good as possible.

Texture and Sharpness

In both cases, what they will do is clean the image and make it clearer.

Lights and shadows

The brightness and contrast (the ones I explained to you before) affect the whole photo, so if we apply it, all the light in the image will increase.

But, if we only want to do it with the elements we have lighter or darker, this option is perfect.

That is to say, let’s suppose that we are going to upload a photograph in which the sky is very clear, but the very dark person. These elements will only affect either the areas with light (sky) or the dark areas (person).


If you don’t have a reflex camera and you want to have a “fuzzy” background like Instagramers, with this tool you can achieve it with a linear or radial effect.

But be careful, this type of blur should not be abused, as it is not aesthetically pleasing in all photographs.


Sometimes having a little shade around the image gives it an extraordinary touch, use this effect but always without passing, unless you want to add an old photo filter.


This is the element that we find above our photos (the drawing of the sun in black and white).

The function of this element is to create a kind of contrast but in a lighter way.

Better Instagram filters for your photos

empty street scene during sunrise or sunset of an urban cityscape toned with a retro vintage instagram filter effect

And here comes my favourite part, Instagram effects for photos and images.

In order not to explain one by one what they do, as you can see for yourself with your account, I have divided them into functional groups of these special effects for photos.

Ludwig, Lark, Juno, Clarendon, Gingham, Hudson and Lo-Fi

This group of effects of Instagram what it produces is an effect of making the photographs whiter and colder. We will manage to whiten the photos in a straightforward way.

Besides, Clarendon is the most used filter of Instagram and favourite among many influencers.

To have a profile with a lot of light and a cold touch, this is the best option. But as I always say, this is going to please.

Archived photos of Instagram

What if we don’t like our Instagram account feed or a photo, but we don’t want to delete what we’ve uploaded?

Well, we file them, that is, they will be saved in Instagram with their likes and comments, but whoever enters our profile, will not be able to see them.

It is as simple as going to the Instagram profile and choosing the photo of the feed we want to archive.

Once chosen, open it and press on the three buttons of the tools of the photo, and click on Archive. Archive photos in Instagram.

But now, how do we retrieve an archived photo of Instagram?

If you look, in the Instagram app, we have a kind of clock with an arrow right at the top of our user’s side.

If we click, we will find the stories we have uploaded in IG stories and the publications we have archived.

Click on the three tool points and select “Show in profile”.

And voilà, we will have the photo again in the Instagram account feed.

Photos with more likes on Instagram

As we have already seen how to turn our profile into one worth influencing, I’m going to show you which are the photos that receive more likes on Instagram.

The following images are the photos I like the most on Instagram in the years 2017 and 2016, and if you look, all of them take care of the composition of its elements.

Even so, this does not mean that these are the best photos of Instagram, as we find profiles like the ones I’ll show you later that is a real pass.

Tips for success in Instagram

Business success concept with target as motivation (3D Rendering)

I’m going to give you a series of tips to succeed with your Instagram, and have a photo feed that catches your attention and captures your users.

  • Look for photo ideas (you can download a list of ideas for your account at the end of the article).
  • Choose the photos well and don’t upload anything, we already have the IG stories for this.
  • Play with the colours of your feed, choose a type of image with some primary colours and give free rein to the edition to find the tones.
  • Edit your photos and use Instagram’s editor for finishing touches. VSCO filters and Lightroom editing are a wonder for this.
  • Use some app to see how the picture will look before uploading it.
  • There are apps like Preview that allow you to see it quickly and see the effect.
  • Play with the filters and always use the same ones (choose 2 or 3 from the header), don’t try from one to the other because your feed will lose sense.
  • Use eye-catching phrases. Not only the image attracts attention, but the text that takes your publication will also be a magnet for capturing likes, use it well.
  • Do not use hashtags in excess, as this can generate spammer effect, and we do not want it in our account, right?
  • Even so, use an average of 3 hashtags per publication, since publications with hashtags generate more interaction so that you will increase the engagement of your Instagram photographs.
  • Look at the day and time you upload your photos for more engagement.
  • Archive the photos that have not been well in your feed. Look for synchrony in all of them.
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