How to remove followers on Instagram?

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Removing Instagram followers easily

Hasn’t Instagram been a sheer game-changer in everybody’s life after Facebook?

You gotta admit that not only has it opened new avenues for you express yourself in more exciting ways to the world, but it has also made it sliding into DMs a whole lot easier and comfortable for all.

And although we can’t really call social “networking” a bad thing, the ugly side to socializing on networks such as Insta is all about dealing with pesky, creepy followers and dodging unwanted attention. 

Because, eh, fame comes with troubles after all. Doesn’t it?

And if you’re in a fix with just the situation at hand, then let us swoop in to save the day for you right away!

Because, although you may not be able to control who follows you on Instagram, you can actually remove followers from your account whenever you want!

Relieved and surprised? Stay tuned for the rest of the read to know how exactly it is done!

Who follows you on Instagram?

Now, the real bummer over here is that you can’t delete all your followers at once. If you have an account that is kept on “public” mode, then anyone and everyone can start following you. They can view all your snaps, like them and comment on them, as well as send you messages directly.

You cannot make them unfollow you either. So, the only thing that you can do is remove your followers one by one. You’d have to block them one at a time for removing them. Or you can use the software tools that are specifically designed for the task.

Why do people remove followers from Instagram?

There are countless reasons why people might want to delete followers from Instagram. Influencers, brands, businesses, or average people often look to delete followers on Instagram in bulk.

Some of them might have purchased part of their following in the past, as you could easily do it in the past and it was, in fact, a common practice back then. You could still get sponsorship for your accounts to get followers, for that matter.

And now they might want to remove the “ghost” accounts from their list. These ghost accounts could have been mainly created for the requirements of other users. These do not generally belong to real people neither does any of the regular user activity ever happens from these accounts such as liking, sharing, or commenting on posts. 

These accounts could be usually created by bots which use several proxies for mass account creation.

So, people might wanna feel like cleaning up these fake accounts or limiting the display of their content to fewer people.

However, one of the primary reasons for anyone wanting to remove their followers is unwanted attention or advances. They might be stalked or have to tackle obscenities or their pictures by internet trolls.

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Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1. Visit the account of the follower you want to remove

Simply visit the list of your followers. Go to the account of the follower you want to remove. You do this by pressing the number of your followers. The list of followers will appear as you do this.

You can search a follower by their name or username (insta handle) by typing it in the search bar. Or you can just scroll through the list of your followers and select the one you want to remove.

Step 2. Press on the 3 dots (…)

As soon as you visit your follower’s account, you will see three tiny dots on the upper right corner of the display.

Press on these 3 dots. A managing menu for the follower should open, providing several options for managing the follower’s activity on your account.

Step 3. Select Block or Remove

The menu will show you a “block” or a “remove” option among several others. As soon as you click on either of them, the page will ask for confirmation as to if you really want to remove that person from your list or not.

Click on “yes” to confirm, and the follower will be blocked and removed. Contacts that have been removed will receive no notification and hence wouldn’t know that they have been removed.

How to Clean up followers in bulk?

As it’s not really possible to delete your Instagram followers in bulk, it gets pretty boring and tedious to block multiple followers and multiple accounts individually.

However, for those who absolutely want to delete followers in bulk, there are certain third-party tools which can assist you in the purpose.

Some of the tools that can help you delete followers in bulk are:

1. Mass Delete For Instagram

This is a free application designed for iOS by Guo Chao. The app, when installed, shows you a list of all your followers and those that you are following.

It also gives you the option of deleting multiple contacts at once.

However, there is a cap of about 50 people that you can delete at once.

2. Cleaner for IG

The app is developed by Novasoft Cloud Services, and it offers you the benefits of unfollowing users in bulk, detecting and removing ghost accounts or inactive followers, mass delete posts, and several other options.

3. Follow Cop

This is another free Instagram management tool that allows you to delete ghost followers in bulk. The app lets you detect your real followers, fans, ghost followers, and unfollowers and enables you to block or massive unfollow fake accounts with a single tick.

4. My Ghost Followers

This app is an ideal tool for iPhone users who are looking to delete or unfollow their Instagram users in bulk. This is analytic app allows the users to determine the number of inactive followers you have to get rid of. Apart from deleting ghost accounts, the app also helps you to get more real followers.

5. GramBoard AI

This is one of the best account management tools for Instagram available out there right now. It lets you manage multiple Instagram accounts via a single uncomplicated user-interface.

However, this doesn’t let you mass delete your followers.

Instead, it allows you to filter your followers who comment or likes your content. It also lets you blacklist all conversations for specific hashtags, usernames, or locations.


So that was it for this extensive guide on how to remove followers on Instagram. We hope you liked what you read and that it had been useful to you. We’ll be back with more such stuff.

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