How to See What Someone Likes on Instagram?

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See What Posts Someone Likes on Instagram

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Recently Instagram has killed the Following Tab and the users lost an opportunity to know about the likes and follows made by others on Instagram.

How to see the users likes after the Following feed removed from Instagram app?

Fortunately there is a solution for ones who want to view Instagram users likes – the Snoopreport tool. You can monitor the activity of an Instagram user even if you don’t follow him/her and the user will never know about it.

Snoopreport provides handy weekly and monthly reports with likes, follows made by Instagram users and also other useful information available in CSV reports.

Steps about “How to check someone’s likes on Instagram” described below don’t work properly anymore.

Instagram is the new hotbed of activity and connecting with people from all over this sweet little globe. 

People have gone absolutely gaga over the sights and scenes that people put up all over Instagram. It is as if everyone is seeing the entirety of the world and visiting new places through the eyes of others!

And as the curiosity and excitement to go through one’s feed has started to build up, people have begun to look forward to communicating, interacting, and sharing with others more than ever.

And a vital part of wanting to connect on a social platform like Instagram is to want to what they are liking, sharing and most importantly, viewing.

Because it is only when you know about someone else’s interests, that you feel the need or desire to connect with them.

So, right now if you’re looking to see what someone else likes on Instagram, here’s a guide from us to help you with just the thing!

Simply read on to know more!

A step by step guide

Although it might be hard and worse yet, make you feel like you are low-key stalking people, remember that there’s no harm in viewing people’s online activity. You’re just trying to get to know them as long as you aren’t going out with a motive to harm or harass them in any way.

Also, if their account is kept on a public mode, then it’s true that they want to share their activities with the public and that you are not the only one checking up on them!

So, now that we have played both the priest and confessor to you, washing out your conscience of unnecessary guilt, then here goes nothing!

Step 1. Access your Instagram account and profile

Open your Instagram app by clicking the icon your mobile phone. For the sake of clarity and convenience, we’re gonna refer to the different Instagram interfaces as pages.

For instance, the home page is the one that loads automatically when you access the app by clicking the icon.

Step 2. The heart button!

The heart button is actually the heart of all activities on Instagram. It shows all the activities from other accounts that have engaged with your account on Instagram.

This displays all of the interactions that have taken place on your content between you and whoever that has come across your profile and had cared to drop a comment or like on whatever you have posted.

It also shows you who have started following you, shared your content, or wanted to connect with via direct messages.

So, to view all other activities of other users, the first thing you should do is click the heart icon.

Step 3. Get on to the notifications page

So, as soon as you click on the heart icon, you’d be directed to the notifications page. It will have “You” underlined at the top so that you know you’re viewing this page (not that we needed that confirmation, really).

You could see how many people have viewed your story and if the users have tagged you in photos, captions, or comments on your, theirs, or any other pages on Instagram.

What you do now is click on the “Following” icon that is located to the left of “You.”

Step 4. See what others have liked

As soon as you click the “following” icon, you will be able to see what all others who you have followed have liked on Instagram. The information that you will be able to access will include knowledge of all the likes and comments they have put on a post.

Notifications of a user tagged in a photo or story will not be included.

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How to get notified when someone posts an update on Instagram?

If you want to be updated on someone’s posts and activities on Instagram, then you can set up notifications to get alerted whenever they post. The procedure is simple and lets you make the best of Instagram.

  1. All you have to do first is open your Instagram profile and select that user’s profile
  2. Select the menu icon with the three dots located in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Next, turn Post Notifications options on the pop-up.

So, now that you have configured these settings accordingly, you will see a tiny push-notification every time the person posts something. You can view all their posts, stories, and updates by clicking on it.

You can also turn it off anytime you want by repeating the process mentioned above and turning the post notifications off the same way you had activated it the first time.

You can also do the same for being updated about multiple people at once, but we must warn you that all those notifications can be really annoying.

Can you share someone’s content on your own feed?

Well, of course, you can!

All posts on every page on Instagram carries a share option, much like what you get in Facebook that allows you to share their posts on your feed. If you have found something interesting on someone else’s feed that you want to share on your profile, then you can easily do that by following steps:

  1. Choose the post that you want to share on your feed your Instagram feed.
  2. Click on the airplane icon located below the image
  3. Select “Add Post to Your Story” that will be available to you in the pop-up menu.

The post will now turn into a Story on your feed, and you will be able to post it in the same way you would post something else on your story slot.


And with that, we have arrived at the very end of this extensive read about how to see what someone likes on Instagram.

We hope we were able to provide you with vital insights on the subject and that it had helped you figure out the things you needed to.

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