How To Make Your Instagram Business Account Popular?

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70% of Instagram users look for a brand or business on the photo-sharing social network site. 62% of users follow brands on Instagram if they actually like it. These figures stand as concrete evidence of the significance of launching commercial profile on Instagram for every business.

But with 25 million businesses on its portal, Instagram features fierce competition for new businesses here. Thus, having your business account on Instagram is not enough. You have to take active steps to make it popular as well.

The post below offers a brief on the tips to follow to make it big with your business on Instagram.

Create an optimized profile

Needless to mention, your professional account will be separate from your personal one on Instagram. Not only that, you have to optimize the business account for a powerful impact on your visitors and followers.

Create an interesting bio in relevance to your brand image and audience niche. You should mention your website URL in your bio. In regards to the Instagram name of your business profile, it’s better to opt for your business/brand name. Set your brand’s logo as your profile picture.

This picture and name will be used in all communications you make on Instagram through your business account. Thus when you put your business credentials here instead of your personal name and picture- it will only assure better visibility for your brand on Instagram.

Make sure the profile picture and name you choose for your Instagram business account is the same as the one you have used in your business profile in other social sites.

Find and understand your niche

Nothing is more frustrating than an otherwise amazing Instagram post that fails to draw views or followers. Your audience is at the crux of all your promotional activities on Instagram. So, you have to find out your target niche on the platform and understand their expectations and needs.

No matter how great your post is, it will see no results on Instagram if it fails to appeal your target niche. The bottom line is you need to have a fair idea on the wants of your audience from your brand and then customize your post accordingly.

Professional quality pictures

This one point goes without saying as Instagram is primarily a photo sharing application.

You have to post strictly professional and high-quality images only. Blurred or improperly cropped images have no place in an optimized Instagram business profile. If you are already on Instagram, you are well aware of the site’s 612 by 612 p frame rule for pictures. Mind the very square shape while choosing your pictures as otherwise the entire appeal will be lost.

Here are some other pointers with photos on Instagram:

  • Your images should coordinate with your brand ethos and theme
  • Use editing tools offered by Instagram
  • Mayfair filter has shown to attract maximum interactions on 1,000 followers
  • Brighter and lighter images garner 24% more likes compared to dark images
  • Images that are predominantly blue pull 24% more likes compared to predominantly red images
  • Go for lifestyle photos where you can show people wearing or featuring your goodies to create a realistic impression

Don’t be too salesy

Instagram is undoubtedly bustling with active shoppers but it’s not an official shopping destination. You should remember that while launching any promotional activity or post.

You cannot use any description that’s too persuasive or too pushy. The whole theme is to share good stuff and exchange some hearty discussions to enrich connection and engagement. Put simply, you have to focus more on user engagement here and stay subtle with your promotional messages.

For example, say your fashion store has come up with a trendy choker and you wish to flaunt it on Instagram. That’s great and you can post cool pictures of the choker from different angles.

But refrain from posting product description as it will make things too pushy. Remember, your Instagram account is not your ecommerce site. It’s a great platform to engage and inspire IG users so that they finally land up on your actual shop. So, you can’t post things on your Instagram account that you write on the product page of your online shop.

Count on user-generated content

One of the best ways to boost your brand on Instagram without being too salesy is through user-generated content. It’s a content that’s posted by your followers or customers on their Instagram profiles. For example, let’s say you find one of your followers has posted a picture where she is wearing a cool ear cuff bought from your brand. You can share that content on your Instagram profile for the subtle promotion of your brand and product.

In fact, user generated content is always influential for your other followers and Instagram users. As it comes from a user and not the brand directly, it carries a neutral and impartial approach. It will serve as a testimony to the amazing goodies your store offers and motivate other users and followers to check them.

Niche hashtags

Hashtags are no doubt a signature feature of Instagram. As they are used in picture captions, they have a huge role to play in promoting your brand. Instagram users use both generic and niche hashtags. But when it is about taking your business and offerings to people, you should stick to niche hashtags that relate to your industry, brand and audience.

Buy Instagram followers, likes and views

Instagram poses cut-throat for businesses, especially the new ones. Thus, you have to garner a lot of followers, likes and views to make your brand stand out. But that’s a long-drawn affair and you can’t expect to popularize your brand if you pin on getting followers organically.

Thus, when the time is short and you need faster action, it’s smarter to buy Instagram followers, likes and views for your Instagram account. They will be added to your account immediately and kick-start your brand on the highly competitive portal. There are companies that offer up to 10,000 followers, likes and views instantly.

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