How to Market Risque Products With Ease

Let’s be honest, sometimes there is a demand for items in the world that do not necessarily feel as though they will benefit from your usual marketing techniques. If you think about items such as sex toys or related goods, you can’t exactly advertise them on a local billboard as there are certain rules that more risque businesses have to follow. These rules can make marketing your products feel almost impossible and lots of businesses fail as they believe that they simply can not get their product out there to the mass market. Here are some of our tips on marketing risque products with ease.  


Find online communities 

Thanks to the internet, it is easy to find an audience for essentially any product. The internet is a weird place, which means that there are a lot of people that could be potential customers for whatever product you sell. Say you sell bondage gear, you simply need to search for online pages that are full of people that love bondage. You can look on places like social media for this, or you can find a lot of other online communities. More often than not, people within these communities are already looking for brand new products to try and so you can quickly increase your business by communicating with these communities and getting your brand out there. 


Try to rework the branding 

A big reason that a lot of risque products can be hard to sell is due to the fact that they already have a reputation built around them. In order to increase your potential sales and get your business out there, I recommend that you try and completely rework the branding behind it. For instance, if you think about something like cbd flower, there is a commonly known misconception that this is just another weed product that will ‘get you high’. Of course, people who are familiar with CBD flowers know that this is not the case, but those who are only familiar with what the public has said about CBD flowers may believe that CBD is simply a recreational drug.  

If you are someone that is selling CBD flower, then you should promote the medical benefits and try and make this clear to the public as this will get rid of any belief that CBD flower is just another drug that is being peddled to the world.  


Get A marketing team 

The best thing you can do if you are struggling to market a risque product is hire a marketing team. A good marketing team will be able to market anything you throw at them, but many claims to be able to do this without actually being able to, so be sure to check out their other work before hiring them. 

People with experience in marketing will also have a lot of business connections, which means that they may be able to find a potential market for you to be able to sell your products in.  

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