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Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the popular social network in which we all love to upload our photos and receive interactions between our followers. Often without a marketing strategy behind it becomes more complicated the task of increasing engagement.

It is important that we know the marketing actions and strategies in Instagram that we must carry out to achieve a greater number of likes, an increase in the visualizations of our videos, increase the followers and comments of our publications.

But let me tell you, this does not come overnight, but there are techniques that we must know how to apply to increase the interactions of the social network. Some will sound very familiar, but others perhaps you had not fallen into them until now, so I hope you learn them today.

I’m also going to leave you a list of online marketing Instagram accounts so that you can see how they are carrying out their strategy.

Are you ready? Get the popcorn we’re going for it!

Let’s see the best marketing strategies in Instagram that can help you sell either as a personal brand or your ecommerce with your products.

Each of these points is very important, so as far as possible you should try to carry them all out, although I understand and know it’s complicated, little by little, I also cost many of them and even do not do, but following this post, I promise to get the batteries!

Let’s start with the tips!

1. Optimize your biography

A woman holds Apple iPhone 6S with Instagram application on the screen

This point is fundamental when you create your Instagram account since if someone finds us on the social network, they must see at first sight what we do and what we do without making a lot of detours.

For that reason, I am going to show you by means of a real example so that you can optimize your Instagram profile.

In addition, when someone puts the word in Instagram’s search engine, we will be possible candidates to leave.

2. Include the link to your portfolio

Continuing with the previous example, it is important that you include the website of your project in the bio of your profile (nothing new that you don’t know, right?), so if what you want to enhance is a part of your website as a portfolio or courses includes that URL.

In addition, many people introduce in this section a link tree, that is to say, a link that opens different links so that you have more than one option to visit, and not only the link to your main website.

Another option similar to this one to include more than 1 URL in your bio of Instagram is to generate in your web a page for this function.

3. Use the stories

Instagram application menu on iPad screen close-up.

Using the stories in Instagram to generate marketing is not just about going out to eat (I’m also this kind of people who upload their food hahaha) and upload a photo of what you’re doing, but it goes much further.

If you have an ecommerce or a company, it is best to upload stories of your products, and above all, a tip would be to leave you and your team presenting the product. Humanizing the brand is the best thing you can do to make your audience connect more.

See how companies like Mr. Wonderful, fashion stores or surgery centres like this clinic do it.

If you want to strengthen your personal brand and you have a clear idea of what you want to do, you will have to do stories telling your day to day work, giving tips and advice, and teaching other interesting topics related to your sector so that they identify you even more with what you do.

4. Make use of questions and answers

Handwriting on a napkin with a cup of espresso coffee

In our stories, it is important that we interact with followers, and what better than asking them about our products, their personal preferences, tastes or any questions we have.

We must involve our followers at all times and feel close to us. We have to make them feel part of our brand and know that we are listening to them.

This technique is used by many influencers, and with it, they are able to connect with their audience. They will also win retractors, yes, but also a lot of people who really admire them.

Another technique is that the followers themselves ask us, and we respond with the stories, we will make them feel more identified with the people behind.

5. Use the featured stories

Memphis social media templates with geometric elements

Highlights are the icons that we see under the bio and are the stories that we have previously uploaded, but we want to highlight in our profile for a specific reason.

We can divide them according to the topics we are going to cover: Design, events, food, questions, shopping, etc. etc..

You must create some outstanding stories and upload them to your Instagram profile with designs according to your personal or company brand. I show you several examples starting with the ones I have created for my account.

6. Publish regularly with a planned content

Don’t overdo it, don’t fall short, that’s the key.

But right now you’re wondering: How many times do I publish a week?

The answer is… DEPEND. When is your target audience connected? How do you generate more engagement?

The key in marketing to know the frequency of publication in Instagram is experimentation, i.e. test, test and continue testing.

It is said that the Instagram algorithm favours accounts that have regular publications, so it is time for you to start with it and increase the interactions of your account.

Still, I encourage you to try to spend a few weeks without uploading photos and other weeks uploading several, also to try for days, and of course, I would love to know your results and conclusions in the comments of this article!

In addition, all this content must be previously planned in an editorial calendar, so that there is no day that we run out of ideas.

7. Use Hashtags

Gradient speech bubble with popular hashtag like Instagram logo graphic design isolated on white background

Using hashtags is an essential strategy to achieve greater reach in our publications.

My advice is to include smaller and more specific hashtags, as they will be more sought after by the target audience, so it is more likely that someone who reaches them will keep our Instagram account and want to continue navigating through it.

However, if we use generic hashtags, it can cover many areas, and we will not be focusing on the target that we want our publications to reach.

But watch out, excessive use of hashtags or incorrect use can harm your reach and be affected by the shadowban of Instagram, use them with your head.

8. Network and interact

If you’ve ever read our newsletter, you know that for me, networking is essential, because you know people with whom you can create incredible synergies, and social networks are a way to create them.

We must generate relationships through Instagram as a marketing strategy, and also interact in their publications so that the Instagram algorithm sees us with kind eyes.

9. Create a company profile

An apple iPhone showing the instagram application alongside other instagram printed logos

Do you know the advantages of having a company profile in Instagram? If not, I’m going to name them very briefly so you can start right away to create your own:

  • You have statistics on the time of connection of your audience, their countries and cities, age and sex.
  • You can include in your BIO a button to contact, call or know where you are.
  • It gives you the number of visits to your profile, clicks on your website, emails that have been sent to you through the social network.
  • It gives you statistics about your publications and stories.

Have I convinced you, or do you still think that you should keep the profile in personal mode? You’ll tell me!

10. Monitor your followers

You know in marketing what is said (and rightly so), if you don’t measure, you will never win.

We must monitor both our brand and our followers on Instagram, and what better than seeing the type of profile they are (with company statistics) and knowing other data that we will extract from tools for analyzing results.

On the other hand, we also have external applications that tell us who are the best followers of the account depending on the interactions you have had, so a good way is to reward these people for their loyalty.

11. Create an attractive feed for your audience

A man using macbook laptop with Instagram on screen on a wooden desk

I love this part because we have to create a beautiful feed according to our target audience.

The first thing we have to do is to see if we are going to create a puzzle profile with graphic design or a feed with very well edited photographs (I decided the second option).

Once you’ve decided, it’s time to get into the action with photo editing, and here comes into play your creativity and what you’ve learned from design programs both free and paid.

If you still don’t know how to get from an unedited dark photograph to an image worthy of any influence, I encourage you to join the course I have launched on photo editing for Instagram #Instaedition. You’re going to love it.

12. Use Instagram’s advertising

money and smartphone displaying the Instagram logo

Organic reach is very important, yes, but we can also reach a lot more people with an advertising-based strategy, right?

And why don’t we use it?

To start doing marketing campaigns and advertising in Instagram effectively, we need to have a precise number of aspects:

  • Who is the target audience of the brand and campaigns?
  • Where we want to do the advertising (stories, timeline) and what type of ad (video, carousel, image, etc.).

13. Use techniques to improve engagement

Have eye-catching photos and images, create eye-catching copies (texts) and incite people to comment or make videos that people can’t resist leaving their opinion.

We must take these actions to increase the engagement of our publications and our account.

And if you still don’t know how to obtain the engagement of your Instagram account, here is a compilation of how to extract it through formulas depending on the type of publication.

14. Make live videos

Isometric mobile phone and instagram live video stream icon

Video marketing is present in any Instagram and marketing strategy since this type of publications tends to generate a greater engagement due to the ability to engage users.

Conducting live interviews with other accounts is a widespread technique in the digital marketing sector, as well as live videos for the vast majority of industries, or videos humanizing brands.

We must plan this strategy to carry it out in the correct way and thus impact our followers with well-edited and well-worked videos.

15. Use Instagram shopping if you are an ecommerce

When the Instagram shopping came to light, it was like a revolution of the social network, as we saw products labelled in the brand’s publications, which could even mean the end of other social networks such as 21Buttons.

If you have an ecommerce, it’s time to start using this technique, because it can mean a significant increase in sales of your company.

16. Consider the Instagram algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is always changing and adding different functions, so what I am going to tell you today may not be valid tomorrow.

It is said that when you publish a photo or video on Instagram, the algorithm shows it around 10% of your followers. If this 10% interacts with your publication, the algorithm will consider it a quality content and will increase its reach.

Conversely, if this 10% doesn’t interact with the content, it probably won’t show it to many more people.

Therefore, we must make this 10% do interact, and get them to give like and comment as soon as possible to achieve greater reach. Are you willing to try?

17. Analyze your results

financial charts, business analytics and intelligence concept, analysys of profit and finance performance of company

As I told you before, measure and conquer.

To see if what we’re doing is working and performing well, we must analyze through statistics to know the interests of the audience we’re targeting, what publications are working, and when we should publish.

For this, there are new tools that will help you in this process. My favourites are the Instagram itself, the Reports+ mobile application and the Premium Metricool tool.

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