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Instagram Stories or the stories of Instagram are increasingly present in our lives. So when we go out to dinner, have a drink with our friends or visit the city, we need to upload it to our social network.

Many may think that this makes you forget about real life. It makes us much closer to our followers and public, thus humanizing our brand or person behind each account.

And as I always say, it is essential to humanize to transmit confidence and credibility, and the stories of Instagram make this task much easier for us.

That’s why today I’m going to teach you handy tricks for Instagram Stories that I know you’re going to love and that you didn’t know. I’m sure you’re going to start putting them into practice as soon as you finish reading the article.

If at the end you regret reading this article, I owe you a Fanta, Cola or a beer. Although perhaps you owe me dinner, so you better continue with your reading. Lest I catch you clueless with the challenges of Instagram Stories that I’m going to carry out.

What Instagram Stories is and how it works

Before I start, I’m going to explain what Instagram stories are, or “instastory” as many have already nicknamed it.

Instagram story is a content that we upload to Instagram’s social network, and 24 hours after publishing it disappears.

The Instagram stories serve to connect with our followers, teach our humanity, and report anything we want.

It also works very quickly. It’s as simple as clicking on the main profile picture that appears in our feed or the one at the top left of the time-line.

We take our photo or video and click on Send to your story.

What is Instagram Stories?

If you would like to upload an image that you had done at another time, and you already had it saved. You must open the section to make a new photo or video, and click on the icon on the bottom left with our photo album (an image of the last photo taken will come out).

Now you will see step by step what content we can upload in Instagram Stories to connect with our audience.

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Videos in Instagram Stories

The best thing about videos Instagram Stories is that we can animate them in many ways, so we can upload regular and “normal” videos that we record and store on our mobile phone, even videos with animations.

We can create boomerangs, include effects in the videos with music, and even publish a rewound video that gives a very cool effect (quiet, this is just the theory, now I’ll show you more fun, so read on).

Besides, we can make lives or live videos to connect with our followers and show them what we do at that very moment.

One of the latest news of Instagram Stories is that in this live video, you can join another person and make a double screen. And you say, what do I want this for?

I’m going to give you an example that I liked, and I thought it was an effective strategy to win more fans.

The Blonde Neighbor account has an affair with Jon Kortajarena. They made a live face-to-face video (everyone from home) talking about their love. This direct became very viral and was hugely acclaimed by his audience, winning both thousands and thousands of more followers.

As you can see, if we have a good strategy, we can take advantage of Instagram Stories videos and gain Instagram followers by publishing quality content.

Upload a photo to Instagram Stories

I’m not going to tell you anything new here that you don’t know, that’s why I’m not going to make too much of it.

We can upload photos with stickers, GIFs (although they are not here now, they will come back), facial filters, pictures with the label of the location, temperature, time, and so on.

Besides, they have included a novelty in which the text of the image itself is the protagonist, being able to do striking writings on a colored background or a photograph.

Tips and tricks

If you already knew this tool, I guess I haven’t told you anything new yet!

But now I’m going to start telling you super exciting Instagram Stories tricks that you didn’t know about and that you’re sure to put into practice.

Uploading photos to Instagram stories is very simple, but sometimes we want to add elements and what many do is download an external application that helps customize the photos.

Why do we waste our time (which is sacred) if we can do it with Instagram’s own stories?

With these tricks, I’m going to show you how to add backgrounds, rainbow letters, funny videos, covers to your stories, and so on.

Are you going to miss it?

View Instagram Stories from the PC

We can see our friends’ Instagram Stories on Instagram’s website.

Just go to the time-line (by clicking on the IG logo), and we will open a drop-down to the right with the latest stories of our friends.

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Notification of catches

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news that Instagram Stories catches will be reported (it’s already been implemented in some accounts).

How do we pass that catch to our friend without them knowing we’ve taken it?

Don’t worry. I’ll give you the solution!

From now on, every time you want to send a screenshot without someone knowing that you have made a screenshot of his instagram, you must do the following:

  • Open the IG story of the person who uploaded it and close the instagram.
  • Activate airplane mode on your phone.
  • Re-enter Instagram and take your screenshot of instagram stories freely.

Now, send it to your friend, don’t let him not know what’s going on in the world!

Surely, as I did in its day, you have also started to paint with the pencil the entire screen to leave it covered with color and be able to write on it, am I not wrong?

How to do surveys

The surveys for Instagram Stories are very fashionable, so much so that we see them everywhere and even use them in our daily lives.

To take a picture for Instagram stories and include a survey, click on the sticker or “face” that we have at the top right of the image and click on “Survey.”

And I’ll show you another trick.

The question we put about the surveys is white, and you can’t change it.

What if the background of the image is white? You’re not going to see the question.

Delete your question and leave only the answers written down. Select the text option and type with the font you like the most and the color you like the most. It will be shown on white backgrounds!

Instagram Stories Filters

This is not something new, but if you don’t know, I’ll tell you, because it’s excellent.

Instagram allows us to put filters to our photos without using programs to edit photos.

We have different effects for Instagram Stories, but my favorite without a doubt is Oslo, I always put it in the vast majority of my Instagram Stories, as it brings color to the picture.

Although the truth is, Melbourne also use it, you know I love whitening photos, and this effect is very helpful to do it in Instagram Stories without wasting time on another app.

If you don’t know how to put effects in Instagram Stories, it’s as simple as opening the picture and sliding your finger to the left (you’ll see the different IG stories filters I’ve shown you).

But here’s the trick I’m sure you didn’t know. We can make new and own effects with the icons of Instagram Stories.

We select an icon of the color that stands out most in the image, we enlarge it and put it in a corner, leaving a new effect, and that gives a touch to the picture.

Rewind Instagram Stories

We can do an effect of rewinding the video in an effortless way.

If you notice, when we are going to take a picture below appear the options: Boomerang, live, focus, superzoom, rewind, hands-free and stop motion animation.

If we click on rewind and start recording, we will get a rewind effect like the one you saw in the video.

We will be able to upload videos to Instagram Stories backward very funny and original!

Instagram logo drawed on concrete wall

Superzoom animations

These I use a lot in the launch of my posts.

When we click on “Superzoom” opens a kind of circle with a musical note, if we click on this button, will be changing the effects, which are: Beats, TV program, rebound and dramatic.

These are the effects that you have seen in the video. If you haven’t tried them yet, I encourage you to do so.

How to remove the camera sound

It also happened to me, that I have a great video to upload to my Instagram Stories and you hear some outrageous laughter or someone talking, and I say: m*, I can’t upload it anymore.

So let’s learn how to remove the sound from the video so that this doesn’t happen to us.

When we upload the IG Story video, before publishing it, we get a new button with a speaker at the top.

If we press it, goodbye to the volume!

Nobody will listen to what you don’t want them to hear anymore.

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