Mall Marketing: How to Ensure People Come Into Your Store

Because of the current climate brought on by the woes of 2020, a lot of businesses have been taking a financial hit. This is especially true for any business that is not fortunate enough to offer online services or even delivery. Arguably one of the most affected types of businesses to be hit by 2020 is small stores located within malls. Nobody wants to be in the close proximity that you are forced to be in when visiting a busy mall, so a lot of people have decided to completely boycott malls until further notice. Because of this, some small businesses that were already struggling financially before the events of 2020 have had to close and those that remain are afraid that they could be next.


Now, not everyone has decided to completely abandon the world of mall shopping and there is still potential to gain some decent custom. However, people don’t really go shopping anymore to window shop and enjoy the day, they instead go for the essentials and leave as quickly as possible. Because of this, in order to increase the flow of people entering the stores, measures have been taken to ensure that the businesses look appealing. If you are someone who is currently struggling to attract customers to your store and are looking for some tips on how to increase your customer base, then you have come to the right place. Here are some useful tips on how to ensure people come into your store.


Have an attractive sign

When browsing the mall, the first thing that people are going to be paying attention to is how all of the individual businesses are presenting themselves. Arguably the first thing that is going to draw their attention is your business sign. Make sure that you aren’t using a sad and worn down sign that no longer has the vibrancy to draw the attention that you need. Also, make sure that your sign isn’t too muddled and confusing as you want to ensure that any potential customers can quickly get a clear idea of what you are offering.  Take a look at the signs of all of the other businesses that are located in the mall and try and make something that really stands out, think vibrant colors and bold font.




After the store sign, the next thing that people are going to do is approach your store. This may be exciting but it does not ensure that you will be getting customers, as often people like a sneak peek before they buy. If you have a drab display that lacks vibrancy and doesn’t show off what your business has to offer, then do something about it. Pick out all of your best products and make sure they are the first thing that people see. If you want to be interesting, you could even make a theme for your window. A theme allows you to display your goods in a fun and exciting way and is always a great way to attract new customers. Depending on what time of year you create your display, you could also bring in any close holidays- like Christmas.



It is not always guaranteed that people will walk past your business when at the mall, so you have to make your store known from every possible location. One of the best ways of doing this is making fun and vibrant posters that will really catch people’s attention. You also have to make sure that these posters really clearly convey what your store has on offer, so be sure to use images. Posters are also fantastic opportunities to make your store stand out from other businesses in the mall, if you can offer a service that is a cut above the rest, don’t be afraid to talk about it.  Does your business have a 3 for 2 sales on a certain product? Tell people about it. Do you offer the cheapest drones in the entire mall? Make that clear. Be sure to put these posters in places that people regularly frequent, such as the food court, so you have a higher chance of gaining customers.



Though you may not realize it, scent can often make or break whether or not a customer decides to enter your store. If your store somehow has some gross smell, customers will not stick around to check out your products and you won’t make any money. However, if your store smells nice and appealing, this will create positive affirmations that will make people want to stay and look around for longer. Creating these positive emotions in your customers may also lead to them making bigger purchases.



Shop presentation

Much like scent, the aesthetic impact that your store layout has on a customer may also make or break a sale. If your store is not well organized and hard to navigate, then customers may become stressed out which will make them less likely to want to purchase products. Make sure that the flow of the store is correct and this will make the shopping experience much more comfortable for any potential customer. You also want to make sure that your store is clean, as it is more likely than not that a customer will want to purchase an item from a clean space. Make sure you clean up after every day of operation.

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