Privacy and cookies

Read on to know about our privacy and cookies policy:

We do collect information on our clients/user’s data and store these. We ensure that we safeguard the personal data of the clients who visit our site. We store various information like the IP address, details regarding page views, and time duration spent on our web pages. We also save data on registration details of our clients and details of consent given for receiving notifications, mailers, etc. We also protect the full transaction history that our clients have with us. Any other information which our clients choose to furnish is maintained securely.

Kindly refer to our detailed privacy policy on the aspects in which we might use the above data. We notify our clients of any changes in the system. We ensure that we take reasonable care that the data is not mishandled in any aspect.

Our technical team uses session cookies, which would be lost when our clients close their computers. We also use persistent cookies that store data until deleted or reach an expiry date. These are done to recognize our clients during their visit to our web page. It will improve the speed and ensure safety for the entire client community. We never share personal data of clients to the third party without their consent. We take exception only when the data is required by law. All the data are stored in protected servers with proper encryption. We use standard web analytics service to ensure that our clients are better served.

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