The Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

The power of the internet has opened many horizons for small businesses to gain more customers and increase their profit. Before the internet, most advertisements were done by flyers or pieces in the local newspaper but that is no longer needed in the twenty-first century, almost all businesses utilize social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter and pay for pop up ads on them. Digital marketing can get more customers through the door and allow a small business to flourish instead of becoming unnoticed especially new small businesses.

One benefit is targeted advertisements on platforms or websites. This allows you to reach your target market using the data or cookies they’ve collected from other websites. For example, if somebody has been searching in a search engine or online for painters, that would collect data or cookies and a targeted ad might pop on their Facebook feed saying “painters for your home interior”. It can also be location-based, so say you’ve got a business painting interiors or decorating in Calgary, it could target people with their location-enabled that are situated in Calgary. This would bring local customers that are specifically looking for the service you offer.

The Methods

Digital marketing also helps small businesses is analytics. This shows small businesses how much people are viewing their advertisements. Unlike using flyers, which a lot of people would ignore and throw away, advertising on Facebook or another platform shows how many people viewed your ad, how many people engaged with it (click on the link), how many people liked it and with that information, you can work out how many people have bought your product just because of the online marketing you. Cookies and data are incredibly valuable for a small business, you could learn everything there is to know about your target customers, businesses might find that they’ve reached a new demographic of customers; this will make it easier to make future advertisements as businesses will understand who’s interacting with their content the most.

E-mail marketing is another useful asset in the arsenal of digital marketing, actually, it’s the most useful. It has the best return of investment than any other digital marketing channel. E-mail marketing can include many aspects. E-mail marketing is so useful because almost everybody checks their E-mail daily, and that means they also interact with your email. E-mail is so useful with the highest return of investments of four thousand percent, which is three times higher than the return of investment of social media, which is incredibly surprising.


Search engine optimization is a powerful tool for a thriving business, you want as many hits on your site that you can get. Search engine optimization or SEO is ensuring that search engines pick up your website and achieve higher rankings, making the website more visible, search engine optimization is vital, so the right people are seeing your site. Search engineering optimization works by deciding if your website/content is the best fit. By using links and keywords that are associated with your site you can boost your rankings on search engines.

Digital marketing can also be a useful tool to keep track, socialize, and update your customers on offers et cetera. All small businesses have a loyal customer base and keeping in touch with them is vital and creates a bond between the customer and the business. You can do this in several ways; e-mail, social media, or even a blog on your website, albeit the most efficient way, would be via e-mail. For a small business to thrive in the twenty-first century, keeping in touch with your clientele is vital, using digital means and digital marketing.

Strong content is an important aspect of digital marketing; it’s useful for small businesses to have content on their website to make customers engage and have a positive experience, for example, a hairdresser’s website could have a “how to wash your hair properly to have a healthy scalp” et cetera. Video content helps customers engage and get to know your business a bit more.

The importance of Google Ads and Google, in general, cannot be underestimated, Google’s review function is key to getting customers, small businesses need to encourage google reviews. Most people look at reviews of businesses before spending their money there and it’s vital to maintain a good rating on Google. For example, if a takeaway had 3-star average reviews and their competitors had an average of 4.5, the one which will bring in most customers is going to be the higher-rated one, so encourage your customers to write positive reviews. Reviews and online ads are probably the best way to utilize digital marketing for small business and allow it to thrive

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