The States With the Strongest Housing Market as of 2020

There are so many states in America that have brilliant housing markets. If you’re moving to America, the last thing you need is to move to a place with a terrible housing market. You want to be somewhere secure, where you can purchase a place easily and without worrying. There are enough things to worry about at the minute without having to stress about being able to sell your house or find your dream living space. And that is why we have compiled a list of the states with the strongest housing market as of 2020.



The first state with the strongest housing market as of 2020 in Virginia. If you’re looking to sell your house in virginia, The House Guys are the best, always buying houses quickly and giving you cash without paying for a realtor. Virginia is a great state, steeped in history and various traditions. Many refer to it as the birthplace of America and rightly so, as it’s where English settlers first came in the sixteen hundreds. Since then, the state has played a role in every big American event. This is why the housing is so affordable here and you should consider investing in one.



Nevada is a pretty big place for housing as well. There is a house that costs, amazingly, nearly 2 million dollars. This makes sense considering the place is known as the ‘Silver State’, a name it got from its focus on silver.


South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the best states for housing, with a score of 212.4, much higher than the national average of 165.9. This makes sense as South Dakota has a lot of fertile soil used for crops and so the place is very self-sufficient. I went on a trip to South Dakota once and was blown away by how many houses there were for sale. It’s just the place to be and houses may be pricey but they’re definitely worth it.



Michigan is a fantastic state with the fifth-lowest cost of living. If you want to buy a house here, it’s easy to do and you’ll save yourself some money.



Oklahoma is another state with an amazing housing market. It’s second on the list of the best cost of living and has a housing score of 214.7. It’s incredible. Oklahoma was actually adopted by the USA in the early eighteen hundreds as part of the Louisiana deal. The economy of the state is largely dependent on the oil and natural gas industry. In fact, the capitol building is situated just above an oil well in the capital city. In addition, the state has become what many call, tornado alley because in 1974, it received five tornadoes in just one day! So if you’re buying a house here, make sure to take precautions. You don’t want your new house to fly away.


North Dakota

Interestingly, the state of North Dakota has the lowest poverty rate, clocking in at 10.3%. The average of the nation is 13.4% with some other states nearly reaching a poverty rating of 20%. Its housing score is 216.3. This state also became part of the USA through the Louisiana purchase of 1803. Also, the state remained largely uninhabited until railroads were introduced, so it’s easy to get a train if you’re living here. And 90% of the land is used for farming with a fifth of the nation’s population being involved in some way in agriculture.



Nebraska is the state with the most income equality. It has a housing score of 219.7 which is very impressive. It’s biggest farm product is beef and has a huge urban state called Omaha. This is the home of one of the world’s richest men, Warren Buffet.



This state has a housing score of 221.1. It’s definitely got a stable housing market and its history is tied to the formation of the country. It has also seen a dramatic increase in the number of tourists visiting the state in recent years, which some belief in significantly boosting the housing market value overall.



Here, the housing score is 221.3. The median gross rent is $807 a month. After the second world war, huge pushes forward in transport and manufacturing meant that an influx of people moved here. At the start of the nineteen hundreds, car manufacturing was booming in Indiana and even now, the state sends more products to Canada than any other place. They’re also producing 36 million tons of coal every year.



Iowa ranked number one for the best states affordability ranking. They have a housing score of 246.8 and the best cost of living. This is due to Iowa being quite a small state but surprisingly playing a large role in US politics. It’s also a farm state.

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