Why Gaming Marketing is so Successful

Gaming. It has become a staple of modern society. Our culture has seen it grown from simple arcade games to a massive industry that spans the world. It has birthed its own type of sport that has formed millions upon millions of fans. It is one of the most lucrative and consistent industries in the world right now, and it continually goes from strength to strength. And there is one reason for this. Marketing. Gaming marketing is arguably one of the most formidable and powerful tools in the marketing world right now. It has the ability, not only to sell games themselves but to boost sales of ancillary products ten-fold. But why is it so successful? Below we are going to take a look at how companies are using gaming marketing and why it works.

The Basics

The key reason gaming marketing is so successful is simply that people enjoy games to a high degree and, as such, are much more susceptible to the advertisements surrounding them. It is proven that people notice things they are attracted to more often. But this fact alone is not enough for it to succeed. Companies know that their audience loves their product and makes use of this. This is why Branding is the first key as to why gaming marketing works so well. The prime example of this is characters such as Mario. If someone sees Mario, they are instantly going to know what they are being marketed, without knowing they are being advertised at. To this end, gaming companies know how to utilise their brands to great effect. Having their character show up in other media as cameos, on other products or even in a collective image. It all adds up to successful marketing.


Gamers love information and detail. The more knowledge they can secure on their favourite game the more invested they are going to become. To this end, marketing strategies include utilising other websites and methods that don’t always seem as direct. Support or tactic websites for certain games is a great method utilised. The new game Valorant, for example, already has a number of websites offering valorant tips and tactics to help give players an edge. All the while these sites are advertising the product to the client making sure they stay hooked.


Most games are fast-paced and action-filled. And the adverts reflect this. Companies know that if their advertising materials can generate the adrenaline in the viewers that they seek to get from gaming, then they have a higher chance of ensuring the viewers will purchase their product. To this end, gaming companies invest millions in creating fast-paced, high octane action trailers that are either CGI or live-action with a stellar cast. These tactics seek to dazzle their audience. Captivate them and get them hyped. This hype leads to sales one way or another. But not all games are designed around fast-paced action, which leads to the next point.


Gaming is a huge field. There are so many different genres and styles of play to appeal to nearly everyone. This is the big reason gaming marketing is so effective because it is such a wide net. Companies can almost always guarantee there will be a market for their product as long as it is well made. And it becomes easier to advertise to that demographic as there is clear and well-documented evidence on what visuals and information work to hook them to a certain product.

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