Wristbands Vs Hats: What Apparel Works Best for Marketing?

Any business owner knows that the most important part of running a successful business is getting your name out there. You could offer the best product or the best service, but if nobody knows about your business then there is still every chance that you can fail. There are plenty of advertising methods that you can use to get your name out there, but depending on what your business is, not every advertising method will work for you.


Advertising methods such as billboards and posters no longer appeal to the masses, as everyone these days is too busy rushing to their next activity or looking down at their phone. Due to this, a lot of companies make the mistake of taking their advertising online, however, pop up advertisements can be extremely annoying to consumers and so if you interrupt a video or online activity, it is likely that your advertisement will just be annoyed.


A timeless advertising method that seems to continue to be popular among most consumers is merchandise. Everybody loves a free bit of kit and so if you are offering something that also happens to advertise your business, you are bound to gain recognition. Merchandising may seem like a simple endeavor, however, if not done correctly you can waste some serious money.


A lot of businesses quickly choose to create pens as they are cheap and easy to make, however, due to their small size they are also very easy to lose and break, which means they are only effective advertising techniques for a limited amount of time.


A lot of research has gone into deciding which merchandise offers the best value for money, as well as gaining the most attention, and surprisingly it has come down to two kinds. Wristbands and hats have been labeled as the best merchandise to try and advertise your business, but out of the two, which is the most effective advertising tool?



Hats have grown in popularity over the years due to wearable fashion being the most appealing to the consumer market. Hats stand out from other options such as T-shirts or jumpers, as they are universally sized and simple to design, which means that you don’t have to mass produce several different sizes or focus on covering a large section of fabric with your design. Hats are also fun and if you have an advertisement team out on the streets wearing them and giving them out, then people will be very likely to wear them.






Arguably one of the most popular methods of advertising using merchandise is using wristbands. Wristbands are really cheap to mass-produce and work on a one size fits all basis, which means they are easy to make and won’t break the company’s bank. Plus, everyone loves silicone wrist bands and so it will be easy to give them away to potential consumers without them being a hassle. Due to them operating on a one size fits all system, they will also be easy to give away as people won’t be embarrassed to ask for a certain size, etc.


Which is the best?

Out of the two, it would be difficult to disagree that wristbands are not the most effective advertising apparel. They’re extremely economically savvy which means you will be saving money while also getting your name out there. They are also more likely to be worn in comparison to hats, as hats are quite a big fashion statement and will not be worn with every outfit, unlike wristbands that can be slipped on the wrist and then forgotten about.

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