Pinterest Searches For More Male Users

Pinterest now has 72.5 million users, but only 29 percent are men.


Most of Pinterest's user base is female. But the image bookmarking site says more men are using Pinterest. In an effort keep its male users active and attract even more men to the site, Pinterest has updated its search engine to show results just for men.

Pinterest continued to grow. It now has 72.5 million active users, up from 48 million, according to comScore figures. Although it is still mostly female (71 percent), Pinterest revealed that:

  • The total number of male Pinterest users doubled.
  • The total number of U.S. male Pinterest users grew by 73 percent.
  • A third of new Pinterest signups were men.

Where do these new users live? Pinterest revealed the five states where it is seeing the most growth among men are Hawaii, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and Rhode Island.

Meanwhile, Pew reported this month that 42 percent of online women use Pinterest, compared to 13 percent of men in the U.S. People between the age of 18 and 29 make up the largest portion of the platform’s user base, though Pew reported the site is seeing significant gains among people over the age of 50.

Pinterest has been a great platform for brands to reach younger women. Men, not so much. But owning the female demographic apparently isn’t enough for Pinterest, which hopes to become “gender neutral.”

“Pinterest is not a traditional user-generated content platform, it’s a place where people are coming to discover new businesses, new brands and new products,” said Don Faul, Pinterest’s head of operations, at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview. “Our users are expressing their future intent. It’s not the shoes they bought last week, or where they went on vacation six months ago.”

Customized Search Results, Just For Men

Men who search Pinterest, say for watches, shoes, or health, will now see results geared toward them, rather than seeing results that didn’t take gender into consideration. These search results are based on the activity of other male Pinterest users.

Here’s an example of results for watches when a man searches (on the left) vs. a search by a woman:

Pinterest Search For Watches Men vs Women

As Pinterest told WSJ:

“…depending on whether a male or female is browsing, a search for ‘workouts’ generates fitness tips that are as different as the pages of Men’s Fitness and Women’s Health. In the past, the results for male users would have included a mix of men’s and women’s workout regimens.”

But men won’t just be limited to seeing results only for men. If men are searching for gift ideas for women, they can change the search option, just as women could choose to search the men’s results.

What’s Popular On Pinterest Among Men

What’s trending in term of Pins among men in the past year, according to Pinterest?

  • Geek: Up 175 percent
  • Cars and motorcycles: Up 134 percent
  • Men’s fashion: Up 122 percent
  • Architecture: Up 119 percent
  • Gardening: Up 91 percent
  • Humor: Up 88 percent
  • Health and fitness: Up 84 percent

The top interests for male Pinterest users are men’s apparel, technology, travel, gardening, recipes, gadgets, design, luxury cars, tattoos, and camping.

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