Field of Study

Momentology is the study of consumers and the digital media they use and engage with throughout the purchase funnel.

It's how you learn to be there in those moments when customers are looking for things you sell and know lots about.


Understanding Momentology is about learning to think about these moments and create strategies to ensure your business is there, is persuasive, and is growing.


When you think about it

How you think about and manage the purchase funnel has a dramatic effect on your marketing performance.

Businesses need to optimize digital marketing throughout the funnel.

This is how.


Create Awareness

Building awareness of your brand, brand story, products, and services ensures more consumers are going to be looking for you.

How do you build more awareness?


Be Considered

Being in the mix when consumers are shopping is essential. How do you make sure your website is one of the tabs a consumer has open in their browser?


Be Evaluated

So you’re on the short-list. Chances are you’re going to get checked out.

Are your products and services any good?

How do you make sure you check out well in the places that matter?


Be Purchased

Nice work. A consumer wants to buy from you.

How do you make sure you don’t fall at the final hurdle?


Optimize Feedback

You've made a sale.

Now you've got to manage and optimize how your customers provide feedback so you continue to check out well online.

How can you do this brilliantly?