Lauren Wentzel

Marketing & Comms Director, Admedo

Lauren is a Marketing Director of the Programmatic Advertising Platform Admedo. In this role she is responsible for marketing and communications for the Demand Side Platform. Before joining Admedo in 2013, Lauren had carried out a variety of roles within the digital media industry. She has worked demand and supply side, for a media agency, publishers and a large-scale ad network. After the years spent buying, planning and marketing across most digital channels, Lauren moved into the programmatic space where she developed her knowledge of Real Time Bidding. She focuses her efforts on making programmatic advertising accessible to advertisers and agencies so that they can gain more control, transparency and value. In an industry known for it’s complexity she thinks it is important to simplify online advertising.

Real-Time Advertising: 4 Things CMOs Need To Know

By Lauren Wentzel

Real-time advertising (RTA) has swept across the digital industry at a voracious speed. It has snagged around 28 percent of total UK display ad spend in the last year, according to the latest IAB audit. This is predicted to almost double in the next 6 months. RTA has its strengths and…

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