Facebook Marketing Essentials For Brands

What brands and businesses need to know to reach consumers at key moments on Facebook.


Every day, brands are seizing moments to reach consumers on Facebook, the largest social network in the world. Brands are connecting with, engaging, and persuading consumers at critical moments to further business goals. To succeed, you must understand who uses Facebook and how, create content that engages consumers, further your reach through advertising, and measure and analyze. Here is some essential reading on Facebook marketing to boost your Facebook marketing strategy and ROI.

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Facebook Marketing Strategy Guide

Why Is Facebook Marketing Important For Brands & Businesses?

Converting Consumers On Facebook

Facebook influences consumers throughout their purchase journeys. This study provides data on first touch, middle touch, and last touch interactions with Facebook.

Finding & Reaching Your Audience on Facebook

3 Pillars of Facebook Success

A successful Facebook strategy means promoting the most relevant and engaging content with more refined targeting techniques and optimizing using audience insights.

Get To Know Your Audience With Facebook Graph Search

You can do a lot with Graph Search to reveal valuable insights about your Facebook audience’s interests, which you can use to guide your marketing strategy.

Focus On The Quality Of Your Facebook Fan Base

Focusing less on quantity and more on quality allows for better, more focused storytelling because you’re trying to reach your loyalists on Facebook.

Get Real Value From Your Company’s Facebook Presence

Not all brands manage to actually get real value out of their Facebook presence. Use these effective tips to help reach your Facebook audience.

Better Investment: Facebook Video or YouTube?

Should you shift a large percentage of your video marketing budgets from YouTube to Facebook? Weigh all the pros and cons.

Facebook Content

Facebook Content Marketing Dos & Don’ts For Brands

By refocusing your efforts on the things consumers want to see and knowing the Facebook marketing dos and don’ts, you can leverage the channel as another extension to bring your brand and its stories to life.

Master Facebook Images

Images are a superb way to connect to your consumers on Facebook. But it’s a challenge to do images well. Here’s how to boost your Facebook image efforts.

Facebook Marketing Campaigns: Some Great Examples

From interactive Facebook apps to coupons done right, brands testing the ROI of Facebook marketing campaigns had something to post about.

Facebook Advertising

Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies

You can target audiences on Facebook with a dozen different ad formats and thousands of possible ad targeting parameters. Mastering your Facebook targeting strategy gets you in front of specific and often motivated segments of your audience

Back to School, Holidays Are Key Moments to Target Consumers

Consumers look to social media to seek out deals and offers from brands, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to conduct seasonal campaigns on Facebook.

Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Brands and businesses can use Facebook Local Awareness Ads to target mobile shoppers who are close to physical store locations and looking for deals.

Facebook Marketing ROI: Measuring & Analyzing

What Google Analytics Can Tell You About Your Facebook Strategy

Using Google Analytics to understand your traffic from Facebook can give you the insight you need to develop a strategy that will convert visitors into customers.

Bonus: 20 Facebook Marketing Tips

Throughout January, we gave you a daily tactical Facebook tip on our social channels. We’ve collected all the tips in this useful SlideShare presentation:

Are you seizing the moments on Facebook?