Wristbands Vs Hats: What Apparel Works Best for Marketing?

Any business owner knows that the most important part of running a successful business is getting your name out there. You could offer the best product or the best service, but if nobody knows about your business then there is still every chance that you can fail. There are plenty of advertising methods that you can use to get your name out there, but depending on what your business is, not every advertising method will work for you.


Advertising methods such as billboards and posters no longer appeal to the masses, as everyone these days is too busy rushing to their next activity or looking down at their phone. Due to this, a lot of companies make the mistake of taking their advertising online, however, pop up advertisements can be extremely annoying to consumers and so if you interrupt a video or online activity, it is likely that your advertisement will just be annoyed.


A timeless advertising method that seems to continue to be popular among most consumers is merchandise. Everybody loves a free bit of kit and so if you are offering something that also happens to advertise your business, you are bound to gain recognition. Merchandising may seem like a simple endeavor, however, if not done correctly you can waste some serious money.


A lot of businesses quickly choose to create pens as they are cheap and easy to make, however, due to their small size they are also very easy to lose and break, which means they are only effective advertising techniques for a limited amount of time.


A lot of research has gone into deciding which merchandise offers the best value for money, as well as gaining the most attention, and surprisingly it has come down to two kinds. Wristbands and hats have been labeled as the best merchandise to try and advertise your business, but out of the two, which is the most effective advertising tool?



Hats have grown in popularity over the years due to wearable fashion being the most appealing to the consumer market. Hats stand out from other options such as T-shirts or jumpers, as they are universally sized and simple to design, which means that you don’t have to mass produce several different sizes or focus on covering a large section of fabric with your design. Hats are also fun and if you have an advertisement team out on the streets wearing them and giving them out, then people will be very likely to wear them.






Arguably one of the most popular methods of advertising using merchandise is using wristbands. Wristbands are really cheap to mass-produce and work on a one size fits all basis, which means they are easy to make and won’t break the company’s bank. Plus, everyone loves silicone wrist bands and so it will be easy to give them away to potential consumers without them being a hassle. Due to them operating on a one size fits all system, they will also be easy to give away as people won’t be embarrassed to ask for a certain size, etc.


Which is the best?

Out of the two, it would be difficult to disagree that wristbands are not the most effective advertising apparel. They’re extremely economically savvy which means you will be saving money while also getting your name out there. They are also more likely to be worn in comparison to hats, as hats are quite a big fashion statement and will not be worn with every outfit, unlike wristbands that can be slipped on the wrist and then forgotten about.

How Net Worth Is Calculated and Great Ways to Increase Yours

These days all you need to do is log onto your favorite social media app and you are bound to see an article about the ever-increasing net worth of a popular celebrity. You may think that you have to be a billionaire to have a network and so you may never bother to calculate what yours may be, however, this is not the case.


To explain it simply, if you have assets that you have a calculable net worth. However, calculating your net worth isn’t exactly taught in school and so if you are someone who doesn’t come from an economic background where calculating net worth has ever been necessary, you may find yourself confused. Here are how your net worth is calculated and the great methods you can use to increase yours.


As previously stated, if you are someone that owns assets, then you have a net worth. However, it doesn’t just stop at what assets you own. In fact, to accurately calculate your net worth you have to take into account the worth of the assets you own, minus any debt that you owe. In the accountancy sector, this is often referred to as assets minus liabilities. If your debts are at a lower cost than the worth of all of your assets, then you will have a positive net worth. In contrast to this, if you have liabilities that outweigh the worth of your assets, then you have a negative net worth. So don’t rush ahead and believe that you have a high net worth if you have lots of assets, as your debt could easily outweigh what those assets are worth.


What assets may you own?

Often one of the main reasons that people don’t bother to calculate their net worth is because they don’t understand which of their possessions classify as assets. This difficulty when it comes to distinguishing between your property and assets is nothing more than a myth, as the process is actually extremely straightforward. If you own an item it is more often than not considered an asset, however, some smaller and inexpensive items are usually not calculated among this sum.


Though most items will be considered to be assets, they will not all fall under the same category of assets. To make it easier for you to list your assets it would be useful to learn what types of assets you may own. Here is a definition of some of the most common types of assets.


Liquid assets

liquid assets are assets that can quickly be converted into a cash sum. An item can typically be classified as a liquid asset if it can be converted into cash within around a year or sooner.


Tangible assets

Tangible assets are physical objects that you own that are worth a substantial amount of money. The most common type of asset that you will find is usually property. Land and buildings also fall under this category, but also so can some of your more expensive personal items. This usually includes assets such as cars, machinery, or expensive electrical equipment. If you are someone that owns items that fall under these categories, then you should make a note of them when working out your net worth.


Intangible assets

As you can probably guess by the title, intangible assets are basically assets that are not physical items, unlike tangible assets. Often it can be quite confusing to distinguish which items may fall under this category and this particular kind of asset may not even be applicable to your own personal property. Intangible assets are basic things such as permits, copyrights, and branding. To make it easier to work out whether or not your property falls under this category is to assess it like this: If it does not exist but has worth and creates income, it is an intangible asset.


Now that you know what your assets may be, you may also be confused about what a liability is.


What is a liability?

To put it plainly, a liability is basically money that you owe. This could be a number of things, like personal debt or even a mortgage. If you do not own something completely and you are paying it via the ‘finance’ method, then this would not be classified as an asset, it would instead become a liability. It is important to minimize your liabilities as they can negatively affect your net worth in the long run.


Now that you know what your assets and liabilities may be, you should be in a position where you can calculate what your net worth is. If this still seems confusing to you, that is absolutely fine. You could get an accountant to help you work out your worth or even use the internet to work out your high net worth wealth management at pillarwm or other available sites.


How can I increase my net worth?

If you have spare money, one of the best things you could do to improve your net worth is to invest in properties. It is also important to make sure that you only buy assets if you are in a position where you can afford them. If you can’t afford the assets that you purchase, then you will get into debt. Getting into debt will only decrease your net worth and will make the process of improving your net worth much harder.

5 Ways To Better Organize Your Busy Work Schedule

The world of Business is a non-stop rollercoaster of meetings, conference calls, away days, and client lunches. And while a lot of it seems appealing, it is a lot of busywork. Mountains of paperwork. Constant phone reminders chiming off. Frantically running from one meeting to the next. Anyone who works in an office environment or in a high-end financial firm will know these struggles all too well.

For some people, organizational skills come as naturally as breathing. For others, it takes a lot of effort to get on top of your work schedule. Especially if you are also trying to balance a full social or family life as well. So we have put together 5 sure-fire ways to better organize your work schedule and stay on track.



This one might seem like a silly inclusion. Breathing? But we aren’t talking about your normal second to second breathing. It has been proven that taking a few moments every now and then to stop and take deep, timed breaths, you will slow down your heartbeat and calm your body and mind.

This will allow you to be better focused on the task at hand and lets you get a grip on your schedule and what is coming next. If you have a busy to-do list, make sure you do breathing exercises as you read it and you will find it all seems much more palatable.


Use A Planner

This one seems obvious, yet so many people don’t do it. Using a planning app can save you so much time. By using the social planner platform, you will be automatically informed of what you need to do and when. Planners like this can also be used to track your social affairs as well, so you will have full control over your schedule. You can fully customize these planners as well. Colour code them. Set keyword reminders. Prioritize certain dates. Whatever system works best for you, a planner will accommodate.


Trim the Fat

A lot of working individuals spend a lot of time on wasted endeavors. A useless printer runs. Calls to dead-end clients. Team building meetings. Sometimes these things can’t be avoided. But, if they are optional you might consider dropping them. Take some time to figure out what on your schedule is mandatory and necessary and get rid of everything else. Streamlining your day will improve your efficiency and organization ten-fold.


Ask For Help

People hate asking for help. But it is never a sign of weakness. Quite the opposite. Asking for help from your co-workers is the simplest way to keep on track. If you all pull together as a team you can set reminders for each other. That way there are fail-safes in case you forget something.

This method is a great way to improve your working relationship with your co-workers as well. They will appreciate you being open and honest with them and is it proven that helping each other out boosts your working ability and social relationships. It’s a Win-Win situation all-round.


Hire an Assistant

This method is really only for those at the higher ends of the cooperate ladder. Eventually, you will find you are bombarded with meetings, emails, and calls. So hiring an assistant to handle all your busy work is a fantastic idea. Delegation is an important part of any cooperate landscape.

Find someone who, not only is good at their job but has a great social personality. An assistant who can read people is ten times more valuable than one with great book smarts.

Mall Marketing: How to Ensure People Come Into Your Store

Because of the current climate brought on by the woes of 2020, a lot of businesses have been taking a financial hit. This is especially true for any business that is not fortunate enough to offer online services or even delivery. Arguably one of the most affected types of businesses to be hit by 2020 is small stores located within malls. Nobody wants to be in the close proximity that you are forced to be in when visiting a busy mall, so a lot of people have decided to completely boycott malls until further notice. Because of this, some small businesses that were already struggling financially before the events of 2020 have had to close and those that remain are afraid that they could be next.


Now, not everyone has decided to completely abandon the world of mall shopping and there is still potential to gain some decent custom. However, people don’t really go shopping anymore to window shop and enjoy the day, they instead go for the essentials and leave as quickly as possible. Because of this, in order to increase the flow of people entering the stores, measures have been taken to ensure that the businesses look appealing. If you are someone who is currently struggling to attract customers to your store and are looking for some tips on how to increase your customer base, then you have come to the right place. Here are some useful tips on how to ensure people come into your store.


Have an attractive sign

When browsing the mall, the first thing that people are going to be paying attention to is how all of the individual businesses are presenting themselves. Arguably the first thing that is going to draw their attention is your business sign. Make sure that you aren’t using a sad and worn down sign that no longer has the vibrancy to draw the attention that you need. Also, make sure that your sign isn’t too muddled and confusing as you want to ensure that any potential customers can quickly get a clear idea of what you are offering.  Take a look at the signs of all of the other businesses that are located in the mall and try and make something that really stands out, think vibrant colors and bold font.




After the store sign, the next thing that people are going to do is approach your store. This may be exciting but it does not ensure that you will be getting customers, as often people like a sneak peek before they buy. If you have a drab display that lacks vibrancy and doesn’t show off what your business has to offer, then do something about it. Pick out all of your best products and make sure they are the first thing that people see. If you want to be interesting, you could even make a theme for your window. A theme allows you to display your goods in a fun and exciting way and is always a great way to attract new customers. Depending on what time of year you create your display, you could also bring in any close holidays- like Christmas.



It is not always guaranteed that people will walk past your business when at the mall, so you have to make your store known from every possible location. One of the best ways of doing this is making fun and vibrant posters that will really catch people’s attention. You also have to make sure that these posters really clearly convey what your store has on offer, so be sure to use images. Posters are also fantastic opportunities to make your store stand out from other businesses in the mall, if you can offer a service that is a cut above the rest, don’t be afraid to talk about it.  Does your business have a 3 for 2 sales on a certain product? Tell people about it. Do you offer the cheapest drones in the entire mall? Make that clear. Be sure to put these posters in places that people regularly frequent, such as the food court, so you have a higher chance of gaining customers.



Though you may not realize it, scent can often make or break whether or not a customer decides to enter your store. If your store somehow has some gross smell, customers will not stick around to check out your products and you won’t make any money. However, if your store smells nice and appealing, this will create positive affirmations that will make people want to stay and look around for longer. Creating these positive emotions in your customers may also lead to them making bigger purchases.



Shop presentation

Much like scent, the aesthetic impact that your store layout has on a customer may also make or break a sale. If your store is not well organized and hard to navigate, then customers may become stressed out which will make them less likely to want to purchase products. Make sure that the flow of the store is correct and this will make the shopping experience much more comfortable for any potential customer. You also want to make sure that your store is clean, as it is more likely than not that a customer will want to purchase an item from a clean space. Make sure you clean up after every day of operation.

The LootBox Problem: How Gaming Is Veering Towards Gambling

From weapon skins to character outfits. From emotes to sprays. Lootboxes are changing the way gamers play their favorite titles and changing their spending habits. Games like Overwatch simply stick to cosmetic items, making the loot boxes more of a choice than a necessity. But some games have started hiding game-changing abilities behind this random paywall.

This was not always the case. Many games avoid the Lootbox issue by not having them, games like Rainbow Six Siege, who take the classic route of leveling up to gain better equipment, but with a ranked mode that means players can be hard-stuck in a certain part of the ladder. Services such as can help players, who have purely had a couple of bad games or a bad placement, still reach their full ability.


What is Being Done About It?

Recently a committee was called in the English parliament to address the growing Lootbox issue. Was this a system in which children were being given a gambler’s mentality. The excitement of nearly seeing the knife you want in CS: GO or the one Mercy skin you don’t own can often lead to those looking beyond the free offerings games give you for playtime.

The inherent issue is that these boxes are marketed as low-cost. Boxes will come in small quantities that can often trick gamers into buying in multiples of say 3, there is no guarantee of an item, nor do they know the chances of them receiving the item.

In games like CS: GO there is a system in which you can sell these prized skins for actual money accruing a small fortune for those lucky enough to get their hands on certain colors or patterns. Creating an income source from a game that is supposed to be competitive and enjoyable shows a steady trend downwards towards a casino-like experience.

Why Confidence Is Key to Success in a Board Room

For those of you who are familiar with the business world, you will know the huge importance of the decisions made based on your work in the boardroom. Making and presenting pitches for business ideas or products can be totally dependent on your confidence. A candidate who lacks confidence can have a serious impact on the decision going in your favour, this is mainly due to the fact that you are not only trying to convince your superiors to invest in your business but, they would be investing in you and your business capabilities also.


Personality is what sells a product if you don’t have the personality and sales skills it can come across that you lack the passion and drive to be a worthy investment. The boardroom environment can be a very pressure inducing setting, they tend to be intimate events with a small business team pitching their ideas to a team of very rich people, it is completely understandable that you would lack confidence in this situation but with experience, the ordeal will become easier.


How to be prepared.

A great way to reduce some of those nerves would be to ensure you are adequately prepared to give your presentation and answer any possible questions. If you are well informed about the important stuff you will find yourself feeling a lot more confident, showing off and being prepared will work in your favor to possible investors. Knowing what you are talking about displays a level of professionalism and reinforces to viewers that you are very serious and passionate about your business.


Things to remember to revise before a boardroom pitch would be finances, plans, products, proposed offers and remember to be clear of the concept you are offering. Putting together an information pack or presentation board can be a great way to remember you cover everything you need to, maybe a slideshow with prompts and important info, this again reflects the effort you put into the business and helps you cover all of the bases. Overall preparation is a great way of combating a lack of confidence, with the relevant work you can really take the opportunity to sell your business.



Another key factor to remember when it comes to being confident in the boardroom is how effectively you work as a team. It is likely that you will be presenting your pitch in a group, different people will be responsible for conveying certain information. Ensuring that everything goes smoothly is heavily reliant on group practising and how well you work together. A good idea would be to spend time getting to know each other to build up a strong bond that can be carried into the workplace.


A great way to help build these relationships would be to have fun together, why not plan a day trip, or a lunch or even time playing fun games. Games like never have I ever or  a game of Would you Rather, can be an extremely funny way of encouraging group consensus. If your group has a solid and positive relationship with each other, they are more likely to work cohesively as a solid unit.


A high level of respect and good friendships between a group can not only increase confidence but it will also be apparent to prospective investors what a strong unit you are. If your team is strong the situation will seem a lot less intimidating as you are in it in a prepared and happy team. Teamwork is a very professional attribute to have as it is detrimental to a lot of aspects of business, this quality will show off your professionalism and make you a much more desirable asset.


Overall, there really isn’t a place for lack of confidence when it comes to the world of business, if you wish to be taken seriously in the boardroom, you must face your fears. At the end of the day, it is your product or concept that is on show, you should be passionate enough about your product to be able to deliver a positive and strong pitch, being confident is a piece of advice you will want to hold on to, in order to ensure your success.

How Marketing can be Used to Spread Awareness and Incite Change

Marketing often gets a mixed response from the general public. A lot of people simply associate it with advertisements and capitalism. It has a bad rep for being nothing more than trying to trick people into buying things and staying tried to the shackles of capitalism. But there is another side to marketing that is very much overlooked and ignored when it is actively taken in. That is the positive aspect of marketing that is used to spread awareness and incite real and positive change in the world. You might be wondering how that is possible? How are these big cooperate marketing divisions changing the world for the better? Well, below we are going to shatter your preconception of the marketing field.


The Boardroom

When people hear marketing they imagine men in suits in a board room toiling over their latest product. This is only one aspect of marketing. In reality, everything you have ever heard of is marketed. This includes charities, environmental agencies, animal rights groups and even marketing and advertising services for medical practices. It is an aspect of the field that is overlooked massively by the general public. Why is it? It is due to these corporate board rooms. Their often shady and evil practices shine a bad light on the field and turn people away from advertisements. People do not like being told what to do or think. And there is a huge notion that advertisements are simply that. Telling people what to do and think. But how can this be used for positive change?


The first and most obvious answer is, marketing can raise awareness. Marketing does not always need to be just selling a product. It can also be providing information to the viewer. Adverts, at their core, are just information. So a lot of companies and organizations can use this to spread awareness about serious issues.

A good example of this is environmental agencies. Through their marketing strategies, they can raise awareness of the effect people and companies are having on the environment. And this is great because more awareness means more people are going to want to change for the better. And the effects of this have been seen already. The world has noticed people trying to be more environmentally friendly and petition companies to reduce their carbon footprint. All of this can be said to be a direct cause of positive marketing.

Physical Health

This one may surprise you, but medical awareness has been improved greatly over the last few years thanks to marketing. But how? Firstly there are more health-conscious organizations that seek to get you signed up and taking part in their programs, whether that be dieting or exercise. But to do that they need you to understand the health issues that can occur and what they offer to counter it. Now, while these companies are still selling a product, they are also offering very important and valuable information to the general public that will improve their quality of life significantly.

Secondly, health care providers have started running a lot of more public campaigns trying to raise health awareness in the general public. While these campaigns are not necessarily selling a product, they sill fall under the marketing banner. The health care companies are marketing this information in a way that makes it clear and understandable and provides information to the public that could potentially save a lot of lives.

Political Information

The mother of all marketing. Politics. This is a double-edged sword if there ever was one. The general consensus is that politicians lie. No matter what side they are on, they lie. And you can bet people only think the parties they don’t support lie, while their party speaks the truth. But within this mix of liars and fake news, there are organizations that strive to provide truthful and accurate political information, and they do this by marketing it.

Without marketing, any information will be ignored. You cannot just show people a bullet point list and expect them to take it in. It needs to grab their attention and make them understand. And why is this important? Because politics decides everything. Anyone who says politics does not matter is a fool. Politics decides how we survive. And clear, reliable political information is worth its weight in gold. If a company strives to make the general public understand what is happening in the world of politics then they are definitely inciting positive awareness and change.

All of these points come together to demonstrate just how vital marketing is to the world. Marketing was not invented by capitalism to sell products. It was simply adopted by them to increase the rate at which they can sell.

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