Social Media Vanity Metrics: The Trap For Consumer Marketing

By Andrew Smith

Are you planning and measuring success in social media around broad metrics, such as potential impressions? Then you need to examine what those numbers are really telling you.

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5 Ways iBeacon Technology Will Revolutionize In-Store Shopping Experiences

iBeacon technology has been heralded by some commentators to be the savior of brick-and-mortar stores, but will it improve consumer shopping experiences?

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Cross-Channel Coordination: Search & Social Integration Opportunities, Obstacles

By Kelly Wrather

Search and social represent two channels ripe with opportunity to begin building cross-channel synergy that influences consumers and drives action.  

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6 Strategies to Better Target Customers With Location-Based Offers

Panelists at “Location Matters – Creating Immersive Experiences for Fans and Customers” during New York’s Advertising Week discussed how to manage customer relationships when incorporating location-based technology and offers.

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Google Search Visibility: 4 Insights on How People View & Click Results

Google’s search results pages are constantly evolving, especially over the past few years. The introduction of new elements such as the Knowledge Graph, quick answers, the local carousel, and an abundance of other search features, as well huge growth in searches conducted on smartphones and…

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Showtime’s Haptic 'Homeland' Video Gives Android Users A Multisensory Experience

One of the features in the new Apple Watch that got the crowd excited after Tim Cook’s iPhone 6 announcement is a technology known as haptic, which enables the device to vibrate when, for example, doling out turn-by-turn directions. It is perhaps ironic then that Showtime has released what it…

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5 Cornerstones For Every Inbound Marketing Strategy

By Stephen Lock

While the breadth of inbound marketing (and the term itself) has attracted criticism, inbound marketing undeniably promotes solid digital marketing principles and ROI-driven content that customers will love throughout all stages of their journey on the path to conversion. Ultimately, C-level…

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