Bottom-Line ROI – Support from Affiliate Marketing

By Chris Johnson

Today’s affiliate space is throwing up some impressive figures. A recent UK market study by the IAB and PwC showcased the affiliate and lead generation market as a £14 billion revenue generator – one that paid out over a billion pounds in commissions and expenditure to affiliates. Forrester is…

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6 Critical PPC Lessons from eBay's Biggest AdWords Mistakes

By Larry Kim

There’s much to be learned from the successes of the “big guys” in PPC – those brands that spend hundreds of thousands or even millions in paid search ads – but even more from their mistakes. Man, has eBay made their share of mistakes… and then some. You see, eBay wasn’t very happy…

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MoneySuperMarket Group's David Harling on Why SEO Now Must Be Consumer-Centric

Earlier this year, David Harling was interviewed in the eBook “SEO Now” to discuss his thoughts on change and evolution in the SEO industry. Harling, head of digital marketing at MoneySuperMarket Group, is a prominent and well-known speaker within the SEO industry. “SEO Now” was authored…

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Real-Time Advertising: 4 Things CMOs Need To Know

By Lauren Wentzel

Real-time advertising (RTA) has swept across the digital industry at a voracious speed. It has snagged around 28 percent of total UK display ad spend in the last year, according to the latest IAB audit. This is predicted to almost double in the next 6 months. RTA has its strengths and…

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Converting Consumers On Social Networks: YouTube Tops Facebook, Google+, Twitter [Study]

YouTube is the most powerful platform for advertisers in terms of influence in both first and last touch conversions of consumer purchase funnels, according to a new study of social media advertising released by AOL Platforms. The study analyzed 500 million clicks, 15 million conversions, and…

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Consumers Wait For Email Discounts Before Purchasing [Report]

Email marketing experts Bluehornet have published a comprehensive report, “ Consumer Views of Email Marketing”, packed full of insights on consumer email habits and behavior. Some of the most revealing finds are in just how much consumers are influenced by email marketing discounts codes,…

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